Thursday, January 29, 2009

We Sleep!

David has been sleeping at home. After work, he comes here to see J, then walks to the apartment to get the car. We have dinner together, and I drive home to get a shower. I put in some laundry, take a shower and drive back (all while he and J have some time together) Then I drive back to the hospital...pull into the child hospital drive thru...he comes down and gets in the car...I come back up to stay the night with J.

This has been our routine for the past couple of nights. Therefore, David has been at home the past 3 nights getting good sleep so he will be good for working. Then every morning at about 6 AM he arrives with breakfast for he and I. Then J gets her breakfast tray. She placed her menu the day before. It has worked out great!

Mon and Tues night J and I have not gotten steady hours of sleep. I'm happy to report that last night she and I both got the BEST nights sleep since we have been in the hospital! We both slept from 11 pm until 4 am (when the nurse came to get her vitals and J had to pee so I helped her with that) Then we both fell back asleep until David came at 6 am. Feels GREAT to get some consecutive hours of sleep. :)

Right now it is about 15 mins til 8 am and David is snoozing in the recliner. He always catches a little nap after breakfast and before he heads to work at 8. J and I are watching a designing show on TLC.

We haven't heard anything from the x-rays of yesterday evening. Most likely her surgeon will be in before lunch. Well he just walked in!

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