Friday, January 2, 2009

Center Stage, Despero

Well, We have a mouse in our apt. First the roaches, then the mouse...ah, the joys of apartment living!

Our apartment backs up to thick woods, so it doesn't surprise me. On the other hand, we do have a LOT of cats around here, so I should think they were thwarting the mice off, and keeping them at bay.

For several weeks I had been hearing banging noises...clanging and things shifting in our kitchen. At night when husband has on call, it can sound kind of creepy. One night when he had on call, I kept hearing the banging, so I went downstairs of our apt/townhouse and turned on all the lights. I ended up leaving them on all night, plus I could not sleep all night!

Yesterday, I was sitting at the dinner table and working on the computer. My daughter comes in and gets a drink...screams "MOUSE" and runs out into the living room. The kitchen and dining are connected like a narrow rectangle. After she screamed, the mouse ran under the stove...I never saw him.

It was about 11 am mind you...a good bit of natural light coming through our small kitchen window. (I thought these guys were nocturnal...maybe he has his days and nights mixed up like I have lately! LOL)

Shortly afterwards, "the men of the house...aka dad and son" come to check it out. Right after they searched a bit and retired to the living room, I'm sitting here minding my own business and out comes the mouse from underneath the stove. He steps out, and stands there...motionless.

I called everyone back in to see. No kidding, he stood there for about 30 mins!!! He did not move accept to lick his hands a bit. It as almost as if he was making his presence known to us, and to let us know that he is not afraid of us! HAHA> So we watched him (from across the kitchen) and he watched us.

I grabbed my camera and got a shot from across the room. Jordan proceeds to name him Despero. I'm telling her DON'T get attached to this mouse, he is leaving this earth soon via Decon! Josh is saying, "where's a bb gun when I need one"...Jordan is saying, "Don't hurt Despero"...and I'm just sitting here taking it all in! Dad is saying, "Jordan stop naming the mouse"! HAHA. It was a comedy scene, just waiting to be written I tell ya.

So here is the best shot I could get from across the room and without a telephoto lens. Our mouse, Despero!



Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness. I very strongly dislike mice!!!!!!! Ick, they creep me out. We've had trouble with mice a couple times. Luckily it's only been one at a time, but I've called my husband home from his evening job before! I can't believe that thing just sat there with all of you in the room!

rebecca said...

We live in the country and have never had one mouse in this house...we have numerous outside cats also so I am assuming that is why!

I am deathly afraid of them thanks to some "close encounters" with them while living in my parents' home...LOL!

I can't believe you actually got a pic of your mouse...ummm...he looks BIG. Ewww!!

I do feel bad that his demise is certain now that he has a name. LOL!!

Jenn said...

Jennifer...I'm with you! I'm not too fond of them either. :P is so strange because we have LOTS of cats around our apts. Somehow one must have slipped in. He's DESPERO...the Hero mouse! HAHA!

He hasn't taken the bait yet, so he's pretty smart too! However, I did report "Despero" to the main office. She said they would sent the exterminator out (again) if we are not successful at catching him ourselves. ( I figure if we bought the traps, we ought to at least give them a try first. )

I'd love it if we could get an INSIDE kitty tho!!! But we'd have to pay pet deposits and right now we don't need the extra expense of owning an animal with Dr. visits and all while husband is in school doing his residency. :) Also, with our daughter's upcoming surgery too...

3 for Me! said...

ok, he's kind of cute:) Sorry I like rodents... but when they are caged or outside in nature NOT in my house....

The best thing for us has been leftover hot dog dipped in peanut butter and put on one of those cheapy Dollar Store traps... we catch them EVERY time usually in less than 24 hours...

But hubby has to get the mouse and the trap... too ewww for me.

Jenn said...

Oh, IK Kel...disposing of them freaks me out!! The traps we got are d-con...they close the mouse completely up in them. (Husband will still have to throw it away for me...ewwww)

For bait, I used peanut butter and cornmeal..made a ball. you put the bait in up underneath the disc, and it has a tab to seal it back. then twist to set it. when the mouse goes in the whole of the disc to eat, it snaps and traps him in there. sounds kind of cruel...but don't want it coming back in our home, now that it knows the way! The maintenance guy is coming to seal around any holes that we hopefully that will help. :)

I do think they are kind of cute...outdoors tho!

Leona Martin said...

LOL!! I really enjoyed your story. That sounds like a scene from my house when I was growing up! We have struggled with a mouse recently too. But he is note brave like your little Despero! We have never seen him, but we know he is there because he leaves his calling card by eating anything I do not put in containers. We have tried every trap known to man, with many different kinds of bait. And while he may not be brave, he is quite cunning because we still haven't caught him.

Jenn said...

Thanks Leona for stopping by. Guess what...that little stinker has still not taken the bait!!! Either he is smart, or has fallen into the hands of another who exterminated him! Grrrr. :)