Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Four Walk; Dressing Change

We've had a wonderful morning! Physical Therapy got J up this morning at about 9 am. Here are a few photos from her walk this morning.

She pushed herself up to sitting all on her own:

Once she sat up, she got a headache. She's been struggling with headaches off and on. The Dr. is keeping a watch and the nurse brought her some tylenol to take when she sat up. Here the physical therapist in the black shirt is doing some relaxation techniques to calm her down before her walk...this helped alleviate her headache too:

She calmed down and stood for her daily walk:

Starting her walk around the nurse station:

Guess who she ran into...Daddy who was working and stopped by to see how his little girl was doing. :-D

She made it further around the circle, but not all the way before having to put her in the rolling recliner.

After her walk, she drank some white grape juice and had her bath. Fresh as a daisy after her bath and change of gown. :) It felt good to her to get her hair washed!

WARNING: If you can't handle seeing J's incision, don't scroll past this sentence! :)

She had a dressing change to her incision area (for those who are medically minded or just plain curious;). So again...if you can't stomach it, don't scroll down. :) Her incision site is looking GREAT though! Thank you LORD and we give Him all the glory for her healing and speedy recovery.

Dressing change on her incision...she is even reacting a bit to the paper tapes. Not as bad as the latex adhesives though...

Dressing Change on her incision. Looking great!

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