Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Good Night's Rest

A good night's rest is hard to come by while staying in the hospital, but last night the nurse allowed us to sleep uninterrupted. Woog and I got a good night's sleep. She only woke up at midnight for pain meds, anti-itch meds, and use of the bedpain.

At 3 am she woke up to use the bedpain, and complained of back pain. When the nurse came by (within 5 mins from buzzing her) she had already fallen back asleep, and so did I ...haha. So she never got that dose of pain meds.

When she woke up this morning at around 6 am, her pain level was about a level 6...on a scale of 1 being not much pain and 10 being worst pain. She had been having about 8-10 pain level in between pain meds, and it was good to know that she missed a dose and only had level 6 pain. At about 6 am she got a pain pill and anti itch pill.

David went home last night to get a good night's rest before working today. He arrived about 6:30am and brought us some breakfast. J doesn't feel like eating right now...(she ate a tiny triangle of a mini-pizza last night with some tea last night). This morning she has no appetite yet, but she has been drinking a lot of white grape juice.

Here is a photo from last night. After her two units of blood transfusion yesterday, she was able to have enough strength to stand and walk a few steps into the hallway. When she couldn't go anymore, we rolled the recliner out, and she sat up for awhile in the recliner.

You can tell she is very tired here...


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