Friday, January 16, 2009

Creating a Vignette ARF Style


I've always been curious about vignette styles. There have been several ideas shared here, but none of them seem to give the effect I was personally looking for.

Today I came across this tutorial and love it!

Thought you all may like to give this one a try too. If you have GIMP or another version of Photoshop, you can actually find similar steps to acquire this same look. The tools just may be in a different locations. This tutorial was done with CS3:

Creating a Vignette with Photoshop

Also, there are more tutorials from Aaron Nace on that blog which are so fun!

Drea had introduced me to one of his other tutorials awhile back, and I have thoroughly enjoyed following ARFotography's blog, and learning new techniques from he, and also his fiance' Rosie.

So now you Enjoy! :)


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