Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Choir

Our sweet girl had her Christmas Choir program last night, for the School of Song she is a part of. This is a choir group led by a wonderful gifted lady!

Here are the credentials of the instructor Ms. Harper:
An honors graduate from Mount Olive College (MOC) with a B.S. in Music Pedagogy (teaching). Past experience includes six years as an adult choir director and two years as a children’s music director at her church, and a semester of student teaching at Wayne Country Day. She was recently awarded the MOC Outstanding Music Student of the 2008 year. The following statements are from some of her music professors.

“Ms. Harper brings knowledge, technique, and passion to her choral program. Her enthusiasm for choral art exudes from every pore, and your children will find themselves just as enthusiastic under her professional and capable leadership.” Alan Armstrong, Ph.D., Chair, Music Department, MOC (1996 - )

“It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Harper to you as a music educator. Barbara is very responsible, diligent, and well prepared. She has a wide variety of musical skills, from singing to playing piano and conducting. I am confident that she will use these skills, coupled with her strong leadership skills, to educate your child and provide him or her with a positive musical experience.” Dr. Brian Watson Assistant Professor of Music MOC (2005 - 2008)

We are excited that she is providing her service to home-schooled children. Our daughter has learned a lot this past fall semester, and plans to join the spring semester as well. :)

There are three groups which are divided by age group. Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Our DD is in the advanced, which is ages 13-18.

The Christmas program was a delight, and we look forward to hearing the selections she will use for the spring. :)

Here are the songs that were sung by the different groups last night...
The Program was titled, "It's the Holiday Season"

Come to Earth, O Tiny King.......Ruth Elaine Schram
Who Would Imagine a King?......Mervyn Warren/Hallerin Hilton Hill arr. Gary Hallquist
Upon the Midnight Clear...........Edmund H. Sears/Richard S. Willis arr. James Eliot
A Family Christmas Spectacular...Arr. Douglas E. Wagner

It's the Holiday Season............Kay Thompson/Arr.Jill Gallina
A Candle in the Window..........Herb Frombach/Vicki Tucker Courtney
A Star Dances, an Angel Sings...Greg Gilpin
Runnin' to Bethlehem..............Sally K. Albrecht

Angels Over Bethleham..........Arr. Mark Brymer
What Child is This?................Traditional/Arr. Sally DeFord
Ring! Sing Noel!....................Dave & Jean Perry
Beautiful December..............Amy F. Bernon
Sleigh Bells..........................Russian Folk Tune/Arr. Earlene Rentz

I have to say my favorite that our DD's group sang was "Beautiful December". Soooo pretty!

Here are a few photos from last night. I have some video clips, but right now we cannot locate the connector cord to download the photos from the camera.







Thursday, December 10, 2009

God's Will

I'm not a huge country music fan. Although, there are several country musicians out there whose music I do like.

This song came to me as I was you tube searching for encouraging worship songs, and I believe God led me to it.

Recently I have really been in a spiritual battle.

I've had so many dreams God has put on my heart many yrs ago. It has been a real struggle for me, because I seem to always be going nowhere fast! Even backwards somedays!

I look around me, and see others living out similar dreams God put on my heart so many yrs ago. And it happening so quickly! I don't get it at all!!

Lately, I have been feeling quite useless, devalued, and not feeling that God's will/plan for my life is unfolding at all.

So maybe it is, but it isn't how I see it should be? I just don't know. I'm sure I am not the only one who struggles with purpose.

It does frustrate me when so much time is wasted on things that are nothing but pure vanity, and those vain things even done "in the name of the Lord". Everyone is guilty of this at one time or another. I am the first to admit this to be true in my own life!

We christians do a lot of great things, some things we do/and tag God's name on it. Which is nice, and God is still given the glory either way.

When it comes down to it... are we giving that cup of cold water in Jesus name? Are we truly loving the weak and those who are struggling and less fortunate than us?

Do we behave as if we are the best, or the most spiritually "right", as if others don't measure up and some day they will "get it". Are we impatient with those who are trying to understand, discover, and truly desire to do God's will in their lives? Do we give others a chance, or do we have to always be "the one".

Are we more busy about how we can build our own selves up, for our own good name (in the name of the Lord of course). Or are we willing to step back and allow someone else (we may feel is less competent than we are) to shine?

All of these questions I ask myself first; to think/ponder and consider over and over the position of my heart; To remember, all of our hearts have haunted chambers; To remember, God's will isn't fame and glory, it is simply being Christ's love to everyone, and being available when someone is in need. To be a friend to the weak, poor and broken hearted.

Hope the song blesses you as it did me. Hope it will cause the Holy Spirit to stir your heart as it did mine.

God's Will- Martina McBride

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freezing and Nocturnal

Even after taking melatonin, I am still not sleepy!! Can't seem to get my creative wheels to turn off in the evening (or even early AM!!

A new friend of mine came over for dinner. Hubby was working, so I made dinner for us all (my friend and her son, and my two kiddos). Our friend brought dessert and Starbucks..YUM! I made baked chicken with green beens and mashed potatoes. So delicious! We had a wonderful visit, discussing the things of God...and worship!

Wow, it is really rainy and windy outside right now! It is FREEZING in here right now as well!!!!

I'm so random at the moment!!! LOL

Ok, our little fam is getting excited about going home to western NC for the holidays. The kids are super excited and can hardly wait!!! I'm hoping for the children and I to be able to stay longer than a week, so we can have more time to visit family and friends.

Oh...what else...

I've talked about this before, but seriously considering closing out my personal blog. My family in FL does enjoy reading up on us, but it seems that I just do not have the time to blog. Nor do I have anything much interesting for folks to read! :)

I'll probably keep my photography blog, and just direct whomever is interested to that blog at

Then, keep it simple with basically my photography, and from time to time a bit of personal life blogging.

I just don't have time to keep up with two or more blogs, with homeschooling, music, photography, FB, Flickr, TWEETER. lol I mean geez...people who keep up with all of these things must have NO family life or LIFE in general...whatsoever! Or it is a make believe one! There is no way that it won't catch up with a person eventually!

Also, so many things have been distracting me from my ministry. I'm spinning my wheels these days not feeling like I am going anywhere. Yet so desiring to live out the will of God, and once again get alone with the the quiet!

At any rate, I'll let you all know before I delete the blog. I may try to figure out how to transfer everything from this blog, to my

Until then...Here are a few of my recent photos; click here at

These shoots were so unique and fun! God is so amazing to use something as simple as photography to speak into my life, and into the lives of others.

My apologies for any typos! It is after 3 am!!! I'm off to bed, and hope that I will be able to get SOME shut eye!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Beach Trip

We want to thank our sister for all she did to pull together our family beach trip. It was so good to see everyone, and especially spend time with our sweet niece!

Thank you sister!


Here are a few beach photos of the family.

My mom with her grandchildren:


My brother, his wife and there baby (my niece!)





Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Nice Birthday

This weekend my FL family came to Savannah GA. It was a halfway point for our family and my family. So my sister planned this wonderful birthday weekend for me in Tybee Island and Savannah.

The area is so beautiful, and we went down to River Street at least 3-4 times! There was a lot happening there on the waterfront...lots to see. We went twice during the day, and once at night. Wow, the streets are really alive at night!

Thanksgiving Day my sister made reservations for dinner at The Lady and Sons restaurant. This is Paula Deen's main restaurant in Savannah. While we were there, we found out from her nephew that all of the family had just been there the day before having lunch. Then, he told us that they would be at Bubba's on Sat.

We already had plans for lunch on Sat at Bubba's (Paula Deen's brother's restaurant). This is when they were supposed to be neat is that! They had lunch on the back deck, and we were able to go and meet with them ON my actual birthday! Also, we met Paula's Uncle Bob, and found out that his family are all from our home town on FL. :) So neat!

Here is a photo we had made with Paula Deen's nephew. Then following are photos from our day at Bubba's, where we met the Deen family.









Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Family Photoshoot!

Had a great time the other day with a sweet family. :) Such an adorable boy!!

Click Here to see a few from their shoot: Family Photo Shoot

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Tuesday

In between school lessons this morning, we had a little photo session. I've been working more with my 3-pc lighting kit. My friend Kristie came over to give me some pointers on positioning the lighting.

Before she arrived, I had done a lot of practice shots. (I'll post a few later)

This is one I snapped on the fly because it was just so funny to me. I caught DS grabbing his face saying, "Mom, my face hurts from smiling so much!!" heehee...


This was spur of the moment, however I was so glad to play around with my lighting kit. My mother in law had spoken with me night before last. She said that our Aunt is working on something where she needs a photo of our children. We thought it would be great if it somewhat matched one of our nieces and nephew with a white background that they had taken last yr.

So, Kristie came over to play with the lighting kit with me! :) She was a big help, and then we took the kids outside and she snapped some fun shots of the kids with her 5d. :)

A few months back she had asked me to take family photos for her. I'd really planned to do my own of the kids, but since she was already here helping me with the lighting, she went ahead and snapped some casual shots. They look great! Love them!!

Such a nice, relaxing day of learning.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Toxic Relationships

Toxic friends repeatedly dishonor or betray you;play mind games;are unwilling or unable to see how their acts affect others;have an excuse and a finger pointing somewhere else.They take, but do not receive.They take, but do not give.They take you for granted.Their actions consistently reveal that they do not value you.They make you invisible.They refuse to name the beauty and love you bring into their lives- written by Maria Mar

Taken from this article...

Toxic Relationships-Stop the Toxic Dance

By the way...I do not believe in Karma...or a few spiritual aspects of this article. (I do believe in the law of sewing and reaping though) However, I do think the article has a lot of good points on toxic relationships in my opinion.

I've been giving a lot of thought to toxic relationships lately (and how I've allowed them to effect my life). I do not have to participate, or allow people to manipulate and mistreat me. I can love them in Christ/pray for them, but don't have to be their best buddy. ;)

Healthy Boundaries is my new motto!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't Forget to Remember!

We say Happy Veteran's Day - a day to be thoughtful and thankful for those men and women who gave, given, give their all; Who have lived, and died all for our country's freedom.

Yesterday, my DD asked me, "mom, would you really die for Jesus's sake"? This caught me off guard and honestly stunned me. I never think about it. We are so spoiled and have no idea what suffering for Jesus is. All I could honestly say to her is, "Yes, we must be willing to die for Jesus".

We say that we love the Lord, and we would die for Him to defend our faith...but would really? When it comes down to it, do we really know what we would honestly do in such horrific situations?

These men and women of our military DO know what this means. They have made the decided choice to be willing to die for our country; some have experienced great pain, and others have experienced death of loved ones from the battle.

It truly amazes me to know brothers and sisters who would purposely put their lives on the line. That is so major!!!

This has caused our family to reflect on the depth of what this means...and right now we cannot comprehend it.

So "Thank You" seems very trite to say to those who choose to put their lives on the line for our country. Every day, I want to be thankful for them, not only a few days out of the year. We still have brothers and sisters who are defending our freedom even today...putting their lives on the line so we can live out freedom in our country.

Wow! This video made me cry...What a beautiful tribute!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Speak Jesus to Me

Some of my thoughts and writings of the day. By the way...Don't copy these words to use without asking permission first. Not that this is worthy of someone snagging...however, be respectful and ask first.

Don't speak Jesus to me if you aren't willing to love-love me where I am at, with all of my fears and failures; if you aren't willing to forgive-forgive me for all of my short-comings and struggles with sin; if you aren't willing to extend mercy and grace-the same mercy and grace you scream for in your trying times. Don't speak Jesus to me if you aren't willing to cry and rejoice-cry with me when I cry in pain, rejoice with me when I rejoice. Don't speak Jesus to me if you live without compassion toward your brothers and sisters who haven't (according to you) "gotten there" yet. Don't speak Jesus to me if you aren't willing to have staying power to see me through - written by Jennifer Kent

Monday, November 9, 2009


Well...we moved this past weekend. Only a few doors down from where we were. Yet, I think it is more work to move only a few doors down, than it is to load it all in a truck at once, and unload it at the next location!

However, we're IN. Now...we need to get organized. DD and DS are so thrilled to have their own rooms again!! What a blessing!

We gained more living space, but lost quite a bit of storage closet space. That's OK, though. Gives me more reason to give away and simplify even more! :) It is such a blessing to give away things we have accumulated...things we really do not need, and someone else can use.

We are thankful for every hand of help that we had during our move. My fibromyalgia has flared a bit, but it is manageable and at least I am not bedridden for days like the last move! Thank you Lord!!

Our niece is going to be in the Miss Teen NC USA pageant this weekend. We will be cheering our girl on; you will hear us in the western part of the state all the way from the eastern part!!! :)) It is going to be televised... I think on NBC. Thank goodness our cable guy came today...we're all set for the weekend pageant!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

The morning did not begin great...with DD having nausea and vomiting. (thought the neti pot was supposed to wash those germs away. haha)

We really think it is from her eating too much candy, and junk over the weekend. The kids always pack it in at Halloween, and even Josh admitted to having nausea last night. We don't keep candy in the house.

She did look pale yesterday though. I never mentioned to husband that she looked pale, but she walked in from sleeping all afternoon today, and the first thing he said was that she looked pale. She slept a lot, and is complaining that her back feels hot. When I touch her back, it is not hot. So that is a little strange. She is able to keep crackers down this evening.

Husband had to go into the office this morning, but has been home all afternoon...still with us. :) We've gotten a lot accomplished with packing, but have quite a bit more left to pack up. I don't think it is going to be all that bad. We're not moving far, so we can make trips back and forth easily.

This weekend is our scheduled move. A few from our church family have offered to help, a few from a church we are partnering with, and a few neighbors have also offered to lend a hand. We'll definitely need strong hands for the largest furniture. Praying for a nice weekend with NO rain! :)

Looks like dinner will be turkey sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. :)

Halloween Costumes 2009!

DD was a Hippie:



DS was a Braves fan. He had face paint on, but took it off because it bothered him. lol



Nothing fancy, used items we already had. We did buy DD's jeans and tank, but she can wear those again and again because they are actually in style right now. haha!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Healing Salt; Being Salt

Well, as I said before, the Dr. office wanted me to bring DD back in again. When the nurse called me back to confirm this, I told her that I was not going to bring her in to risk getting the flu. That I would keep an eye on her symptoms a bit longer. If they worsened further, then I would.

This nurse was wonderful!!! She gave me a natural remedy. We previously did the salt water gargles for DD's throat, but not thought of doing this nasally.

The nurse suggested to sterilize an old nose spray bottle, then make a mixture of 1/2 c. warm water to 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of table salt. Then put her in a steaming shower while she is using the nose spray. She said that will thin, loosen the mucus, and thin the membranes in her nose.

Friends, it worked!! :))

The day we called the Dr., DD was running a high fever, and so congested. The very next morning, she felt like a new person!!! I believe it was also answers to prayers, because a lot of folks have been praying for her. I also believe God used this natural remedy to aid in her healing as well.

This got me thinking about the neti pot. I've see this on some TV shows in the past months. Husband and I have discussed it because he has allergy and sinus issues quite often.

Recently, my friend Andrea has been sick with similar symptoms this past week. She began using the neti pot and it has helped her.

So, we may purchase one, and begin cleaning out our sinuses. Seriously (being the germ-a-phob that I am) can't help but wonder about all the garbage we are breathing in!! YUK!

Salt is such a healing agent. No wonder the Bible mentions salt so often.

We all have a lot of healing to be done in our lives; Must be why God reminded us in His word to be salt. It changes things for the better...

What the dictionary says about Salt:
an ingredient that gives savor, piquancy, or zest : flavor a people…full of life, vigor, and the salt of personality — Clifton Fadiman b : sharpness of wit : pungency c : common sense d : reserve, skepticism —usually used in the phrases with a grain of salt and with a pinch of salt e : a dependable steadfast person or group of people —usually used in the phrase salt of the earth.

What the Word of God says about being salt:
Matthew 5:13 (New International Version)

Salt and Light

13"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

Colossians 4:5-7 (New International Version)

5Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. 6Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

James 3:10-12 (New International Version)

10Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. 11Can both fresh water and salt[a] water flow from the same spring? 12My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.

God is really working on me about being salt.

As I read James, this really jumped out at me. "deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom"
James 3:13
13Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.

Sometimes good deeds are not born out of God's wisdom, but out of our own. So often we think God is telling us to do this or that for others, or for our own selves. However, if we take an honest look at it after time with the Lord and His is more of WE are telling God what we think.

When we get alone with God and the Bible, as we read it, He reveals what "His" truth is for us really is.

Basically, requires to put our vain and frivolous notions aside, in order to hear a word from the Lord on situations at hand. :) Not always easy for human nature to do. We think we know the solutions for our lives, or someone else's life, but we don't know the whole story...only God does.

Lord, as I put my thoughts and agendas aside, you come and be the full director of my life. Teach me what it truly means to serve and do your will. Not my will but Your will be done as I am fully surrendered to You alone and now one else.

Psalm 40:8 (New International Version)

8 I desire to do your will, O my God;
your law is within my heart."

Psalm 143:10 (New International Version)

10 Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God;
may your good Spirit
lead me on level ground.

Hebrews 10:7 (New International Version)
7Then I said, 'Here I am—it is written about me in the scroll—
I have come to do your will, O God.'

Revelation 4:11 (New International Version)
11"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."

Matthew 6:9-17 (New International Version)
9"This, then, is how you should pray:
" 'Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
11Give us today our daily bread.
12Forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.[a]'
14For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
15But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miss Teen NC USA

Our niece is going for it! She is going to be in the Miss Teen NC USA pageant 2009. Approaching...only a few weeks away!!

This is the photo she submitted for the photogenic portion of this upcoming pageant:

Such a beauty, and we know she is going to do very well! This will be her second pageant ever.

She was recently in a local County Fair pageant in her hometown, where she placed 1st runner up as well as awarded best talent.


Autism Speaks-Sensory Integration Dysfunction

A link of information on Autism, and to encourage those who deal with it in more intensity.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction is what our DD was diagnosed with. There are some aspects of it where she has improved some, and others that haven't. Thankfully what we deal with pales in comparison to others. However, she needs lots of understanding and encouragement. Dealing with clothes and shoes that feel ok to her are still a huge challenge. She isn't trying to be difficult, it is a real stress for her. The occupational therapist was a huge asset.

This is a helpful site on awareness for Autism in all forms. :)

A Few Pumpkin Carving Pics

I still can't get my photos to upload. So I took these from ones our friends shared with our children on FB. :/

Oh, our crew did the large pumpkin in the middle (with the angry eyebrows), and DD designed the BOO small one and DS got the guts out of it. The fancy ones on the outer ends were done by our friends. :)

Thanks Anne for posting these up for us.

We've got some more cute ones of the kids, once I can get this computer situated. Apple says I need to dump everything onto my external hard drive...aka the time machine. Then, reformat the computer. Uh...ok....hahahaha. I'm pretty good on the computer, but not THAT good!

Bring Her Back In???

Ahhh! DD (darling daughter) still has nasal congestion after 12-13 days. This morning she woke up with a fever. Her pediatrician told me to call if she had a fever.

This morning she woke up with a fever, so I called first thing. At about 10:30 I got a call back from the nurse.

Now, even though she has no other symptoms (except the fever, only the bad nasal congestion and occasional headache), they will probably be having me bring her in again!! She had those symptoms before when she saw her. They did a strep test, etc...said it was viral.

At this point, I really believe it is sinus infection. Or some type of bacterial infection.

Poor thing has been sick for over 3 wks now with intestinal flu, and now this for over 2 wks!

I'm not the kind of mom who likes to rush to put my kids on an antibiotic, unless it is absolutely necessary. Taking her in again will be like playing russian roulette with the flu.

Thankfully last Mon. when I took her in, we didn't catch anything. That office is seeing a lot of flu cases though...if we have to go back again, we are increasing chances.


Their pediatrician back home (who has known them since they were babies) would have called them in an antibiotic if they had already seen them once for the same symptoms. We have been so healthy for the most part! They can see by our children's charts that we are not antibiotic junkies!! lol.

Ok, sorry to spill there for a moment. Only want us to stay healthy, so we can all have a good time when we are together with our FL family over Thanksgiving! We're so excited and can't wait to get there!!!

Oh, I'm working on getting our pumpkin carving photos up! :))) Something to brings smiles.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creative Carving; Hiatus

Last night we got together with our neighbors and carved pumpkins. We had a great time, and our son was so skilled at scooping out the pumpkin guts! Thanks son!!

It was neat how he enjoyed that, while our daughter worked on our pumpkin designing. He also added his last minute touches to the design.

DD (darling daughter) came up with the eyes and mouth. DS (darling son) came up with the eyebrows and adding in the nose.

Our neighbors created a bit more elaborate pumpkins; A cool looking pirate...totally designed from scratch by the husband Bart. It was detailed!! Also, an adorable detailed monster from Monster's Inc, that was carved by his wife Anne.

They served us some delicious "boo" sugar cookies. Oh, and our DD designed a "Boo" pumpkin for one of their "baby" pumpkins.

We have photos. However, the memory on my computer is getting so backed up from RAW photo files. I had trouble uploading the prints from our p&s camera...mainly due to videos being on their as well. For some reason it is too much for iPhoto to import (I have a 3-4 yr old macbook) So when I can get our system cleaned up and tuned up a bit, I'll post some photos from last night. If our friends get their copies posted first, I'll link you to their blog. :)

Hiatus concerning Facebook:
I've gotten to some of you already, but I don't think everyone. Then I realized...perhaps some folks are reading my blog, and can let them know that way.

I've deleted my Facebook. No big deal. Not sure when or if I will return. There were some things going on concerning the photography end where God said, "take a time out from it".

Mainly, questioning where my energy needs to be most focused on.

For now, it is family, teaching, learning keyboard and learning more about subjects I am teaching the children, singing to the Lord, writing songs when inspired to do so (which usually comes without trying when I am having quality time with is birthed from spending deep and precious times with the His word and in soaking prayer where I am being still before the Lord), as well as more learning of technical aspects of photography.

Also, keeping in remembrance the purpose of the photography. It is easy to get the "big head" when doing something like photography. I have a natural eye for it, however, I've got plenty to learn. Before I put myself out there as an "expert", or one who knows a lot about it, I'd better DEFINITELY "know it" and know my camera!

I want to be certain that I am not feeding off of compliments, but being fueled ONLY by my passion and love of the art of photography. :)

I've got this newer Canon 30d...still have so much to read up on about it. It really is different than shooting with the 10d. Not to mention, still have so much to learn about photography! Having the natural eye is only part of it.

So.... friends and family...don't think I "nixed" you as a friend on FB. I've deleted my acct. That's all. :) You can still reach me the old fashioned phone, email(funny to think that email is becoming old fashioned), or keep up with me through my blog.

I'm still doing photography. I've still got my jennography blog and will post occasional photos there from time to time. :) So feel free to ask if interested in me doing photos for you.

Oh, and I still have Flickr. Only, it is marked private for friends and family only. You'll need to have an account, and I'll have to approve you before you can see my work there. I can also send you guest passes to see my work if you don't have an account there.

If I return to FB, I'll not be as concerned about posting up a bunch of photos there. Only 1-3 from the shoots for the client to get a sneak peak, and for them to use one as a profile photo (if they want). In the future, I'm going to do client proofing in person.

This may not make any sense to anyone else, yet it is between the Lord and I. Something He is working out in me. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday-Something to Make You Smile...

Ok...the kids and I got a chuckle out of this. Heehee...Enjoy!

Oh...It is difficult to hear the last statement at the end...but the mom sea lion says to the two baby sea lions (who are fighting), "Tuck it in, you know I'm working nights". Had to listen to that twice to make sure it was not a bad word. It's clean though. lol!

This vid is so cute!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Antibiotics

My husband ended up taking our son to church this morning, while I stayed home with our girl. She was the most excited about all of us being together at church this morning! She was soooo wanting to see her youth friends, and check on our youth pastor's wife (who injured her finger recently). Yet, her sweet and almost to tears sad face walks into our room and says, "mom, my throat is very sore again today". :*-(

Soooooooooooo, this morning husband was approached at church and asked, "Why isn't she on an antibiotic?". I'm thinking...hmmmm, This is a person I had already thoroughly explained this whole situation/scenario with. Funny to me. But, I'm notorious for "checking out" when people are talking with me. I'm not doing it intentionally, it just happens. Therefore, I'll give this person the benefit of the doubt. ;)

Anywhooooo...For those who read my blog, family and friends who are from our church here or back home...anyone's the deal...

Last Monday, I took our daughter to her pediatrician. Who thoroughly checked her over, and gave her a strep test (which came back negative). The Dr. tells me that there is a virus going around, and she has seen it a lot in their office. It starts with a bad sore throat (which our girl explained as being as painful as knives in her throat) that is the kind of pain, bad headache, some body aches, fatigue, then congestion. The congestion can last for weeks. Seriously, the snot or mucus (either sounds gross to me!) keeps coming and coming...from nowhere!

We were told the virus symptoms may even come and go (which they did this morning); symptoms can reoccur for up to 14 days. If she has symptoms, she is contagious.

She is going on day 11 with this. Prior to that, she had an intestinal flu...our whole family did! So for a week we were sick with that, prior to getting the crud. We've had illness going on for 3 wks...and people, I'm totally over it! lol ;)

We've hardly been anywhere. When I go out to the grocery store, I have my hand sanitizer within reach (thanks to 3M-and our Aunt who keeps us in supply)

Our Dr. has seen a lot of this type of virus. We are only to call back if she begins to run a high fever. So, for now we have to trust the physician that we have entrusted our children with. First and foremost, I trust the Great Physician!

It is that time of year though. Our little family has been so healthy in the past 2 yrs as far as colds and virus stuff. We are thankful to have been so well in past years. Unfortunately, now we are taking a turn at it...and it keeps us a bit shut in.

I've always heard after 10 days it must be bacterial, and there needs to be an antibiotic prescribed. Lately, we are seeing other bugs and infections that are new, and that are even resistant to antibiotics. I'd rather allow my child to fight it off and build their immune system (as long as the child is not getting dangerous symptoms), rather than put them on antibiotics. That is what I feel is best for us. I'm sure someone might beg to differ. That is ok, to each his/her own though. :)

My theory: One reason why the flu and all of these new viruses are so rampant, could very well be that some are not taking their Dr's advise, and staying in the length necessary to "not be" contagious. I realize it is difficult for some out there...single moms and so many situations that keep others from being able to rest when needed. For those who CAN stay in a rest...and not spread more germs...that is the better choice in my opinion.

Call me a germ-a-phob, I don't care. ;) I know it, and proud of it! I come from a long line of them. lol

Oh, the Dr. told us that they are seeing several cases of the swine flu in children here. On the Today show this morning, every single state with the exception of two...had severe outbreaks of the swine flu. Another good reason for staying out of public places for now. Germs Germs Germs! lol Doesn't mean I don't allow them to be outside though. It is good for the immune system to get fresh air. So even if our two are out tossing a ball back and forth for a little while... they are getting a little exercise, sunshine and fresh air.

By the way...she just came in and told me that her sore throat is already feeling better than it was when she woke up! Thank you Lord! I still had her gargle with warm salt water. :p

We are going to meet our Florida family in GA next month for my birthday. YAY!!! Our family is praying that we ALL stay well, so we can enjoy our time together. It is rare that we get to see each other! Please Lord keep us well!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dreaming...Santa Baby...

Hurry down the chimney tonight! ;) Never hurts to dream...

Wish list:
iMac desktop Computer (probably the most needful thing right now...trying to share a small laptop among a family of 4 with a photography mom, a son who is into making movies and now photography, and a daughter who is also shooting photography...yowzaaaa! This little 13" screen 3+ yr old macbook is losing speed fast! lol)
This is the one I dream of. Will probably have to settle for a last yrs model at the first of next yr though. haha
The new iMac 27" desktop- a dream photography editing machine!

Camera Equipment to dream about...

Pro Camera Body-the bodies I have now are semi pro and crop sensor. Would really love to have a full frame pro series camera someday.

1st Choice:
Canon 1d Mark IV


2nd Choice (even a gently used one)
Canon 5d Mark II body only

Lenses First Choice:
Canon EF 16-35mm f/ 2.8L USM

Canon Zoom EF 24-70mm f/ 2.8L

Canon 35mm wide angle f/1.4

Lenses Second Choice:
Tamron lens for Canon SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di-II VC LD Aspherical (IF) Lens for Canon DSLR Cameras

Tamron Lens for Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Autofocus Lens for Canon EOS

Canon 35mm f/2.0

I got to thinking how expensive these lenses are. However, the investment is definitely in the glass (lens). There definitely is a difference in optics!

Thinking the ones I listed are quite expensive...I came across this little beauty...for the low price of $75,896.50. Yes, I typed that correctly. Over 75K for a lens. :o

Check it out here...
Canon HJ40x14B 40x High Def Lens

It is really a lens for videography... but WOWWwww Talk about pricey!!

My Two Artists

It is amazing how much interest these two children of mine are showing in photography. It amazes me how they are beginning to get the focus down.

Josh shot in camera auto, but manually focused the lens.

Jordan shot these in camera manual, and auto focus on the lens.

Failed to mention before...these are all completely SOOC. Straight out of the camera...without any editing.

Here are Josh's photos:







Here are Jordan's photos:






Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still Healing; Beach Wedding!

Our family is still healing from the crud. All I can figure...when we get done with this junk, maybe we will be done with it for the fall and winter!!!

Last weekend I had a wedding shoot and a friend of mine second shot with me. We had a great time!!! Best of all, the reception was right on the beach, and we got a fun night staying at the beach as well! :)

Here are a some to share:









Congrats to our dear friends!!! May you have a very blessed life together!