Monday, November 9, 2009


Well...we moved this past weekend. Only a few doors down from where we were. Yet, I think it is more work to move only a few doors down, than it is to load it all in a truck at once, and unload it at the next location!

However, we're IN. Now...we need to get organized. DD and DS are so thrilled to have their own rooms again!! What a blessing!

We gained more living space, but lost quite a bit of storage closet space. That's OK, though. Gives me more reason to give away and simplify even more! :) It is such a blessing to give away things we have accumulated...things we really do not need, and someone else can use.

We are thankful for every hand of help that we had during our move. My fibromyalgia has flared a bit, but it is manageable and at least I am not bedridden for days like the last move! Thank you Lord!!

Our niece is going to be in the Miss Teen NC USA pageant this weekend. We will be cheering our girl on; you will hear us in the western part of the state all the way from the eastern part!!! :)) It is going to be televised... I think on NBC. Thank goodness our cable guy came today...we're all set for the weekend pageant!

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