Sunday, November 1, 2009

DD's Experience with Neti Pot



Drea said...

she did well! her nose doesnt sound 2 bad tho, u should hear mine after i put that fluid through... i mean... unreal amts of stuff come out lol. shes brave for letting u film her :)

Jenn said...

Well, I think there is some junk stuck up in hers b/c the water doesn't flow out as easily. Guess what, she woke up vomiting this morning. UH!

Actually it was the other way around about the video taping. It was all her idea to do the filming, not mine. I didn't want to be taped, but then just went with it. She made two tapes of me.

Kinda gross, but we ended up just making it silly and fun. You should see the very first video of me...Josh is being so silly in it...I'll try to get it posted a little later on. Need to get off here and pack.