Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Tuesday

In between school lessons this morning, we had a little photo session. I've been working more with my 3-pc lighting kit. My friend Kristie came over to give me some pointers on positioning the lighting.

Before she arrived, I had done a lot of practice shots. (I'll post a few later)

This is one I snapped on the fly because it was just so funny to me. I caught DS grabbing his face saying, "Mom, my face hurts from smiling so much!!" heehee...


This was spur of the moment, however I was so glad to play around with my lighting kit. My mother in law had spoken with me night before last. She said that our Aunt is working on something where she needs a photo of our children. We thought it would be great if it somewhat matched one of our nieces and nephew with a white background that they had taken last yr.

So, Kristie came over to play with the lighting kit with me! :) She was a big help, and then we took the kids outside and she snapped some fun shots of the kids with her 5d. :)

A few months back she had asked me to take family photos for her. I'd really planned to do my own of the kids, but since she was already here helping me with the lighting, she went ahead and snapped some casual shots. They look great! Love them!!

Such a nice, relaxing day of learning.


3 for Me! said...

The kids look soo GROWN!! WOW!

Sounds like a fun day of learning your craft... couldn't help but think that it's good that Mommy gets "school days" some days:)

Jenn said...

Thanks Kelly. You are so right. I've gotten into the habit of thinking of everyone else accept me. It is good for mommies to pursue their dreams as well. Music and Photography are mine. :)

Good to hear from you. I bet your sweet children are so growing as well!! Miss you!

Next time you are in our area, give me a call and feel free to stop by. We'd love to see you all.