Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Nice Birthday

This weekend my FL family came to Savannah GA. It was a halfway point for our family and my family. So my sister planned this wonderful birthday weekend for me in Tybee Island and Savannah.

The area is so beautiful, and we went down to River Street at least 3-4 times! There was a lot happening there on the waterfront...lots to see. We went twice during the day, and once at night. Wow, the streets are really alive at night!

Thanksgiving Day my sister made reservations for dinner at The Lady and Sons restaurant. This is Paula Deen's main restaurant in Savannah. While we were there, we found out from her nephew that all of the family had just been there the day before having lunch. Then, he told us that they would be at Bubba's on Sat.

We already had plans for lunch on Sat at Bubba's (Paula Deen's brother's restaurant). This is when they were supposed to be neat is that! They had lunch on the back deck, and we were able to go and meet with them ON my actual birthday! Also, we met Paula's Uncle Bob, and found out that his family are all from our home town on FL. :) So neat!

Here is a photo we had made with Paula Deen's nephew. Then following are photos from our day at Bubba's, where we met the Deen family.









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Kim said...

So cool that you met Paula!! I love her and hope to get down there someday. What an incredible experience for you and your family for your birthday!!