Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Choir

Our sweet girl had her Christmas Choir program last night, for the School of Song she is a part of. This is a choir group led by a wonderful gifted lady!

Here are the credentials of the instructor Ms. Harper:
An honors graduate from Mount Olive College (MOC) with a B.S. in Music Pedagogy (teaching). Past experience includes six years as an adult choir director and two years as a children’s music director at her church, and a semester of student teaching at Wayne Country Day. She was recently awarded the MOC Outstanding Music Student of the 2008 year. The following statements are from some of her music professors.

“Ms. Harper brings knowledge, technique, and passion to her choral program. Her enthusiasm for choral art exudes from every pore, and your children will find themselves just as enthusiastic under her professional and capable leadership.” Alan Armstrong, Ph.D., Chair, Music Department, MOC (1996 - )

“It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Harper to you as a music educator. Barbara is very responsible, diligent, and well prepared. She has a wide variety of musical skills, from singing to playing piano and conducting. I am confident that she will use these skills, coupled with her strong leadership skills, to educate your child and provide him or her with a positive musical experience.” Dr. Brian Watson Assistant Professor of Music MOC (2005 - 2008)

We are excited that she is providing her service to home-schooled children. Our daughter has learned a lot this past fall semester, and plans to join the spring semester as well. :)

There are three groups which are divided by age group. Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Our DD is in the advanced, which is ages 13-18.

The Christmas program was a delight, and we look forward to hearing the selections she will use for the spring. :)

Here are the songs that were sung by the different groups last night...
The Program was titled, "It's the Holiday Season"

Come to Earth, O Tiny King.......Ruth Elaine Schram
Who Would Imagine a King?......Mervyn Warren/Hallerin Hilton Hill arr. Gary Hallquist
Upon the Midnight Clear...........Edmund H. Sears/Richard S. Willis arr. James Eliot
A Family Christmas Spectacular...Arr. Douglas E. Wagner

It's the Holiday Season............Kay Thompson/Arr.Jill Gallina
A Candle in the Window..........Herb Frombach/Vicki Tucker Courtney
A Star Dances, an Angel Sings...Greg Gilpin
Runnin' to Bethlehem..............Sally K. Albrecht

Angels Over Bethleham..........Arr. Mark Brymer
What Child is This?................Traditional/Arr. Sally DeFord
Ring! Sing Noel!....................Dave & Jean Perry
Beautiful December..............Amy F. Bernon
Sleigh Bells..........................Russian Folk Tune/Arr. Earlene Rentz

I have to say my favorite that our DD's group sang was "Beautiful December". Soooo pretty!

Here are a few photos from last night. I have some video clips, but right now we cannot locate the connector cord to download the photos from the camera.







Thursday, December 10, 2009

God's Will

I'm not a huge country music fan. Although, there are several country musicians out there whose music I do like.

This song came to me as I was you tube searching for encouraging worship songs, and I believe God led me to it.

Recently I have really been in a spiritual battle.

I've had so many dreams God has put on my heart many yrs ago. It has been a real struggle for me, because I seem to always be going nowhere fast! Even backwards somedays!

I look around me, and see others living out similar dreams God put on my heart so many yrs ago. And it happening so quickly! I don't get it at all!!

Lately, I have been feeling quite useless, devalued, and not feeling that God's will/plan for my life is unfolding at all.

So maybe it is, but it isn't how I see it should be? I just don't know. I'm sure I am not the only one who struggles with purpose.

It does frustrate me when so much time is wasted on things that are nothing but pure vanity, and those vain things even done "in the name of the Lord". Everyone is guilty of this at one time or another. I am the first to admit this to be true in my own life!

We christians do a lot of great things, some things we do/and tag God's name on it. Which is nice, and God is still given the glory either way.

When it comes down to it... are we giving that cup of cold water in Jesus name? Are we truly loving the weak and those who are struggling and less fortunate than us?

Do we behave as if we are the best, or the most spiritually "right", as if others don't measure up and some day they will "get it". Are we impatient with those who are trying to understand, discover, and truly desire to do God's will in their lives? Do we give others a chance, or do we have to always be "the one".

Are we more busy about how we can build our own selves up, for our own good name (in the name of the Lord of course). Or are we willing to step back and allow someone else (we may feel is less competent than we are) to shine?

All of these questions I ask myself first; to think/ponder and consider over and over the position of my heart; To remember, all of our hearts have haunted chambers; To remember, God's will isn't fame and glory, it is simply being Christ's love to everyone, and being available when someone is in need. To be a friend to the weak, poor and broken hearted.

Hope the song blesses you as it did me. Hope it will cause the Holy Spirit to stir your heart as it did mine.

God's Will- Martina McBride

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freezing and Nocturnal

Even after taking melatonin, I am still not sleepy!! Can't seem to get my creative wheels to turn off in the evening (or even early AM!!

A new friend of mine came over for dinner. Hubby was working, so I made dinner for us all (my friend and her son, and my two kiddos). Our friend brought dessert and Starbucks..YUM! I made baked chicken with green beens and mashed potatoes. So delicious! We had a wonderful visit, discussing the things of God...and worship!

Wow, it is really rainy and windy outside right now! It is FREEZING in here right now as well!!!!

I'm so random at the moment!!! LOL

Ok, our little fam is getting excited about going home to western NC for the holidays. The kids are super excited and can hardly wait!!! I'm hoping for the children and I to be able to stay longer than a week, so we can have more time to visit family and friends.

Oh...what else...

I've talked about this before, but seriously considering closing out my personal blog. My family in FL does enjoy reading up on us, but it seems that I just do not have the time to blog. Nor do I have anything much interesting for folks to read! :)

I'll probably keep my photography blog, and just direct whomever is interested to that blog at

Then, keep it simple with basically my photography, and from time to time a bit of personal life blogging.

I just don't have time to keep up with two or more blogs, with homeschooling, music, photography, FB, Flickr, TWEETER. lol I mean geez...people who keep up with all of these things must have NO family life or LIFE in general...whatsoever! Or it is a make believe one! There is no way that it won't catch up with a person eventually!

Also, so many things have been distracting me from my ministry. I'm spinning my wheels these days not feeling like I am going anywhere. Yet so desiring to live out the will of God, and once again get alone with the the quiet!

At any rate, I'll let you all know before I delete the blog. I may try to figure out how to transfer everything from this blog, to my

Until then...Here are a few of my recent photos; click here at

These shoots were so unique and fun! God is so amazing to use something as simple as photography to speak into my life, and into the lives of others.

My apologies for any typos! It is after 3 am!!! I'm off to bed, and hope that I will be able to get SOME shut eye!