Monday, April 21, 2008

Still cleaning out stuff!!!

Before we moved to our new location of ministry, we had about 7 yrs of accumulated stuff. And that doesn't seem like a long time or a lot of stuff, but I'm the proverbial pack rat here!! We did not have time to clean out before moving, so it all came with us!

It gets overwhelming. I think I need someone just to sit with me and say, "Throw it away!" Otherwise I tend to find some reason to hold onto things...mostly for sentimental reasons. Yet, someone could be using most of these items. We have way too much!!

I worked a little in Josh's room. This is the 3rd time going through stuff. I am working with them...and ask them to keep a certain number of their favorite things, and ask what would they be willing to give to someone who would like to have and who is in need. So, we really should do this more keep things in better control. Especially when we live in a smaller home and it may get smaller for us when David does his residency. : )

Sooooooo, after Josh's rm, I worked my way up to the attic. At this point my body is not cooperating, so I shift and re-shift and alternate between sit and stand...the things a fibro girl does to work through it. Got a lot accomplished tho, and feeling good about that.

Then I come downstairs and the whole house is still a mess. BLAH! lol! I've got to focus on making my home presentable for when guests stop buy, but right now all of my efforts have been in all of the unseen areas. So the ones most seen are suffering for it. Eventually it will all come together. : )

I'd like to hear from you...Am I the only one who can't seem to let go of stuff?? Or get it cleaned out and organized?? Any tips are welcome!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Beautiful Day !

Today to some, would have been a dreary and wet blah kinda day. But for me, it was a beautiful day in the Lord. We needed the rain, and we have gotten a good rain today.

We had a wonderful...totally AWESOME time of worship this morning!! The presence of the Holy Spirit was so lovely and such true worship among the people. Many gave testimony before the service began. What a way to begin a service!!! Testifying to what the Lord has done in our lives, and giving Him great Glory!

This evening we went to a revival at our new friends church, Brian and Kelly. Our friend Pastor Travis preached and gave an inspiring message. We were also hoping to hear Drea sing. Right before service was to begin, the storms got cranked up good with lightning and winds. There was a decision to have the service in the fellowship hall for safety reasons. This caused a lil' technical difficulty with not having a sound system available. Therefore Drea was not able to sing her song tonight. So she has been invited to sing on Wed night, and I know it will be such a blessing when she sings the song God put on her heart to do.

God's timing is always perfect. We never know what God has in mind when things don't work out how we planned. Perhaps there will be someone different at the services on Wed., who will really need to hear her specific message in song. Whether it be a song, or a message through preaching, or even a simple drive to the store. The Lord orchestrates everything for our good and for His best Glory through us. : )

Even though it was stormy this evening, I loved hearing the storm. Hopefully no one was hurt or no property damaged...I pray. There were tornado sightings near where we live. So I pray for safety to those areas.

We so enjoyed going to the revival. The people of their church were so warm and inviting. They served a beautiful spread of food. (Loved those collard greens!!! YUM! And Kelly made some wonderful "healthy" brownies. Double YUM YUM!) It was such a blessing for our family to be able to attend and to enjoy such a nice dinner like that. We are grateful to God.

Everything is still outside...I don't even think the wind is blowing much. The calm after the storm.

Oh wait...the rain just started back up...I hear it now! : )

Don't you love how everything looks so green and fresh after a good rain?

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today we did some major cleaning out of our barn!!! We moved here to eastern NC, and brought with us about 7 yrs of accumulated stuff! We did not have time to go through our things before we had to move out of our previous home (which was a much bigger house than the one we are in now. Soooo, with 2 children and me being a pack rat...nuff said...

It feels so wonderful to clean out the old and simplify. A cleansing for me in so many ways...even spiritually. Also, it is such a blessing to give what we don't need to others who are in great need.

We gave some furniture to a lady who was so precious. She, and I believe it was her daughter, came to pick up the 2 pieces we were getting rid of. Both ladies were deaf; could read lips VERY well and speak sign language. I was wishing today that I knew sign language. : ( Yet, I was so amazed that they could read my lips most of the time. : ) That was GREAT! It was such a blessing to meet them.

It amazing me that when we give, we meet some incredible people along the way! : ) Another thing when cleaning out, we become even more aware of just how truly blessed we are. And we STILL have more cleaning out to do. I'm just going to take one room at a time in the next weeks.

I'm so thankful that my hubby was home ALL day today, and he did not have any other commitments. We were able to work together and get so much accomplished.

The children kept themselves occupied today without us even asking them to...Josh was working to accomplish a higher level on a Super Smash Bros video game and Jordan spent most of the day with her friend Madeline.

The next time we move, we are definitely using a much smaller moving truck...and only taking the bare basics of what we need! Some things that are sentimental are still difficult for me to release. : )

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Productive day for those under the weather...

David and I can't seem to get well!! Despite our puny states, he has managed to work, and I have managed to keep the home-school going!

Whether it is schooling while waiting for my CT Scan, or at the ER with David, or school in the car...we are stilling moving forward though teacher and hubby are healing!

I have to say that we have two of the best kids on the planet as far as being troupers through all of this! Praise God they have stayed well too!!!

Jordan especially has kicked in as nursemaid to us. And she LOVES it!!

So, if a few of you local friends need an assistant nanny for the day, she would love to do it...and for free! She wants to be an OB, GYN so she can deliver babies. (she is fully aware that there is MORE to just delivering babies : ) Therefore any experience with helping with children would be great for her. Until she is old enough to do it on her own and get paid, she is willing to offer her assistant/services for free (Drea and Kelly you might want to keep that in mind if you even want to take her with you to run errands, to the park, or have her help out at home entertaining the younger ones while you are there supervising and working on other jobs).

Ok....I'm so wired from the medications I am on, that I can't sleep!! For a few days I have been looking at curriculum for Jordan and Josh for next school year. In the process I found this most excellent math program from a home-school mom blogger! It is, "Teaching Textbooks Math". They begin at 5th grade level. So I went online to check it out. It was so fun and exciting to do the demonstrations... I've been doing the online examples all evening and into the early AM!!! haha!! (told you I was wired from the meds-lol)

Here is the link: I am seriously considering switching from Saxon over to the TT-Math. I would highly recommend Saxon for any home-schooler starting out at Kinder level. There are so many options out there, check them all out and you may have to try a few different ones to see what clicks with your child. For instance, Abeka children did not jive with. That could be because we didn't begin with the program from K on. I didn't begin home-schooling until they were 4/5 grade level. Therefore I had to try a few different ones to see what fit with them, and Saxon fit the bill!

It is such a learning and growing experience for us all! : )

Blessings, Jenn

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tag ur it!!!

Tag ur it! Ten (or more) facts about me...
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Tag ur it!! Ten facts about me...

Once you have been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I'm kinda new to blogging...but if you want a good laugh...check out "mom on drums" on my blogspot: hehe - some of you already have!

2. (I'm down with ya on the chocolate, Jordan!!! ) MEEE TOOOO!! I love chocolate...the richer, the better! Chocolate ice cream, cake, pie, whatever. I don't, however, like it combined with nuts, coconut or caramel. To be honest, I don't like anything with my chocolate except maybe some strawberries or an ice cream cone.

3. I love music...At 40 I am learning the piano. I've always loved to sing songs and make up songs to the Lord. Now I am learning how to read the music. I pray God use me to bless others through worship in song. Also, I'm hoping to take song-writing classes online with Jennie Riddle soon.

4. I like the computer and believe there is a great need for ministry online. I'm enrolled to take a class on Web Design. It is my desire to bless other ministries by helping them get affordable web pages/templates designed for christian musicians, churches, whomever would like to share Christ and His message of love online.

5. I've got so many passions. Photography is one of them. I'd really enjoy learning more about photography so I can use this with web design. Also, to capture beauty for painting...later... when I am not so busy home-schooling. : ) Which brings me to my next passion...Art...drawing, painting...which takes time. Right now I am devoting my time to teaching our children and learning music and art skills with them. : ) (Jordan, wish you lived closer, I'd love to see what you do with your studio. That sounds GREAT!)

6. I am also quiet...until one gets to know me. Then I am a wild and silly gal! I love to giggle and just be plain silly!! I love to write!! Obviously..can't get me to shut up here!! hehe...
Until then, I'm quiet around people and mostly in crowds I do not speak a whole lot. When I was in high school this would make boys too afraid to ask me out, because they thought I was snobby, or that I did not like them. It was not the case. I was just shy at first, and did not know what to say lots of times. Therefore I would not say anything. lol. Also, friends and extended family sometimes think I am mad when I am quiet. They try to figure out what I am mad about, or if I am mad at something they did. When really, I am just being reflective...or just sitting like a bump on a log and not thinking about much of anything(downtime and rest to the brain)...LOL...Seriously, I like to just BE sometimes. Some people are not comfortable with silence...they have to always have a conversation in the air or they become uncomfortable. I'm getting a little more outgoing and brave about taking that first step to get to know others. Like today, at my Jordan's music lesson, while she was in music we were waiting outside. My son Josh recognized a family as being our neighbors. So, I mustered up my bravery with lots of prayer and took the first step to go and introduce myself. (seems weird to people...I can sing in front of people, but I have a difficult time speaking or being outgoing...God helps me through it!) Anyway, Turns out that this family lives just 2 streets over. A wonderful christian mother I met, with children close to my kids ages. And we have been praying for new friends. YAY! So, I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and God is blessing!

7. I am a procrastinator by nature. Yet, when I get kicked in, I get kicked in!! I'm used to always going and doing and having a lot of fun with church family and friends. But, a few years ago everything came to a halt. My body sorta shut down. I was one of those people who looked at those with chronic pain syndromes as being lazy...I'd say, "aw they just need to get out and exercise"...well, now I have been dealing with chronic pain. Most people who do not know me well, do not know know this about me, because I just keep on going, or rest when I need to which kinda shuts myself off to humanity. But they look at me on the outside and think I have it all together and a perfect life or something. When in reality, I have been for quite some time...most of my life, living in pain. I have to say No a lot more, where I used to always say YES YES YES>..FUN FUN! lol. It got bad a few yrs ago, to the point where I was bed-ridden off and on for weeks. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, R.A. and osteo-arthritis. For someone of 40, it seems unreal. But I live with the pain everyday. Many suffer in silence and those who speak out about syndromes such as this often are ridiculed or made to feel "lazy" or "crazy". Like I said, I was the person making the judgements before, now I am LIVING it. So, I say to others who are with compassion and understanding. The days are short and we never know what or how our flippant words or actions may crush the spirits of those who are in pain...unless we live it, we will never know or completely understand. So, be nice. : ) I don't consider it a curse, but a blessing to be able to understand and to also minister to those who have chronic pain.

8. As odd as this sounds...I'd love to skydive! (told you I am adventurous!; ) This has always been a dream of feel the wind and the open space of the sky. How cool would that be!!!!

9. Ok, despite what people think of me...I am not the perfect christian!!! I don't know it all and never would claim to! There are times I get my focus off of the will of God, and onto my own. Eventually...God lovingly redirects me to die to self...(I learn the hard way sometimes) I soooo love the scripture that talks about seeking God FIRST, then all of these things will be added. If we purpose to seek Him above all else, everything else will fall into place. I also love Galatians chapters 5 and 6. As well as Romans 8. I learned how to love only from the Lord and 1 Corinthians 13. It is not possible to truly know what love is, until we receive Christ, and He shows us through His word.

10. God is teaching me every day what it means to be a christian. Every day I learn what it means to live out His love. I've got flaws, and have learned to embrace and love ME, so that I can truly love others. God says to "love others as you love yourself". So, we should love ourselves (not in a conceited way)...but love who we are in Christ..and be OK with who we are here on earth, before we can truly demonstrate God's love. I have experience in counseling and 2 yrs toward a psychology degree/double major with Bible at Southeastern College, Lakeland, FL. While I was in Bible school, I believed that God wanted me to counsel youth (because I was a youth who needed counsel) Perhaps God has something further for me there someday, and with my husband now being a counselor in Hospice I could see us one day serving and counseling couples and families. Mainly, I am learning to live one day at a time and look for ways to serve Him in the minute by minute...with my husband, with our children, taking soup to a sick neighbor...things that may seem so small and insignificant to others who have grander ideas. Yet these smaller things we do daily can make such a huge difference in someone's live...and will share so much of the love of Jesus.

I've listed:
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