Monday, April 21, 2008

Still cleaning out stuff!!!

Before we moved to our new location of ministry, we had about 7 yrs of accumulated stuff. And that doesn't seem like a long time or a lot of stuff, but I'm the proverbial pack rat here!! We did not have time to clean out before moving, so it all came with us!

It gets overwhelming. I think I need someone just to sit with me and say, "Throw it away!" Otherwise I tend to find some reason to hold onto things...mostly for sentimental reasons. Yet, someone could be using most of these items. We have way too much!!

I worked a little in Josh's room. This is the 3rd time going through stuff. I am working with them...and ask them to keep a certain number of their favorite things, and ask what would they be willing to give to someone who would like to have and who is in need. So, we really should do this more keep things in better control. Especially when we live in a smaller home and it may get smaller for us when David does his residency. : )

Sooooooo, after Josh's rm, I worked my way up to the attic. At this point my body is not cooperating, so I shift and re-shift and alternate between sit and stand...the things a fibro girl does to work through it. Got a lot accomplished tho, and feeling good about that.

Then I come downstairs and the whole house is still a mess. BLAH! lol! I've got to focus on making my home presentable for when guests stop buy, but right now all of my efforts have been in all of the unseen areas. So the ones most seen are suffering for it. Eventually it will all come together. : )

I'd like to hear from you...Am I the only one who can't seem to let go of stuff?? Or get it cleaned out and organized?? Any tips are welcome!



3 for Me!! said...

Yep....totally understand working on some of the unseen or un-noticed and then look around the main part of the house in disgust of how cluttered it is.

We're totally doing the sorting through clothes to get all the outgrown and fall stuff put up. The kids grow out of stuff soo fast at this I sort through clothes every couple of months and pack them away organized. For the next kiddies to use them:)

Off to sort , clean and rest before the kiddies wake from their naps:)

Jenn said... is getting better. It is so refreshing to clean things out and give to others who are in need. It seems like the more I am giving away, the more stuff I have!! : )

I spent most of the day cleaning out. O- I'm giving Andrea one of my large end tables. I think she is using it for an art table for her little ones. If you are interested in the other table, let me know. It is a perfectly square end table.