Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Beautiful Day !

Today to some, would have been a dreary and wet blah kinda day. But for me, it was a beautiful day in the Lord. We needed the rain, and we have gotten a good rain today.

We had a wonderful...totally AWESOME time of worship this morning!! The presence of the Holy Spirit was so lovely and such true worship among the people. Many gave testimony before the service began. What a way to begin a service!!! Testifying to what the Lord has done in our lives, and giving Him great Glory!

This evening we went to a revival at our new friends church, Brian and Kelly. Our friend Pastor Travis preached and gave an inspiring message. We were also hoping to hear Drea sing. Right before service was to begin, the storms got cranked up good with lightning and winds. There was a decision to have the service in the fellowship hall for safety reasons. This caused a lil' technical difficulty with not having a sound system available. Therefore Drea was not able to sing her song tonight. So she has been invited to sing on Wed night, and I know it will be such a blessing when she sings the song God put on her heart to do.

God's timing is always perfect. We never know what God has in mind when things don't work out how we planned. Perhaps there will be someone different at the services on Wed., who will really need to hear her specific message in song. Whether it be a song, or a message through preaching, or even a simple drive to the store. The Lord orchestrates everything for our good and for His best Glory through us. : )

Even though it was stormy this evening, I loved hearing the storm. Hopefully no one was hurt or no property damaged...I pray. There were tornado sightings near where we live. So I pray for safety to those areas.

We so enjoyed going to the revival. The people of their church were so warm and inviting. They served a beautiful spread of food. (Loved those collard greens!!! YUM! And Kelly made some wonderful "healthy" brownies. Double YUM YUM!) It was such a blessing for our family to be able to attend and to enjoy such a nice dinner like that. We are grateful to God.

Everything is still outside...I don't even think the wind is blowing much. The calm after the storm.

Oh wait...the rain just started back up...I hear it now! : )

Don't you love how everything looks so green and fresh after a good rain?


Drea said...

i know im sorry i didnt sing. but i really didnt think it go well with out any mic at all. its such a low song! maybe we can get together and practice something. that be fun :-)

glad yall came! come any time!!! makes worship extra special to have friends with you.

Jenn said...

would love to practice! any time you want, just call me and I'll meet you at your church. : )

i know it will be God's perfect timing for you to sing.