Monday, February 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

There truly is NO place like home!!! : )

Well, we just made it in and unpacked the car... A 10 hr drive from central FL to N.E. NC. Thankfully there was not a lot of traffic on the roads for the drive back.

It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun seeing my new baby niece!! WUV HER!!! I'll post some pics and have more to say AFTER I get caught up on some much needed sleep! Got to get to bed so we can get up for co-op/homeschool in the morning!

Blessings! Jenn

Friday, February 22, 2008

Am I really still up at 2 am??? our stopping point for the night/N. FL

We are bound to see our baby niece (not so baby anymore) turn 1 this weekend! We left NC around 4 pm and made it to north FL at 1:30ish am...checked into a hotel. Since the kids slept in the car, they are now keyed up. They can't stop giggling over Dad's snoring...which is like a freight train!!! Can anyone say "Breathe Right strips"?? heheh, we need some...TONIGHT!

Every now and then the GRANDE PAPA BEAR grunts and growls at them to go to bed. : ) I'm heading there myself in hopes that they will settle down too.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend! More to come and I'll take pics. : ) Won't be too much longer b/4 we get to see our Addy!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Josh's Birthday

Today was a great day for Josh! You can check out a slideshow of his day on Josh's blog.

This evening we went to a pastime burger joint...Josh's favorite! And had great fun giggling and enjoying one another. Jordan insisted on making Josh's chocolate cake. She did a rly great job too! It amazes me how she so enjoys being in the that is. She is not much for the cleaning up. : ) Then again...neither am I.
We shared homemade chocolate cake and triple chocolate ice cream...just our little family.

Oh-We found these really cool "Prism Candles"...the flames had different colors to them. It was the coolest thing we have ever seen!! I'm going to post pics of the cake and candles, but not sure you can see the colored flames in the photos. I hope they will show. Pretty Neat and the kids LOVED it!

The colors reminded me of how God created the rainbow to remind us that He would never destroy the earth by rain again. Also, of the song by Kathryn Scott, which describes God as being clothed in rainbows of living color. What a beautiful and warn. thought!

And I can't believe my son is double digits!

love, Jenn

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sick child today...and other thoughts

Jordan is not feeling well today, but we are praying over her and believing God is healing her even now.  So that she will be well for our visit to FL to see our sweet niece.  : )  She feels nausea, upset stomach...that kind of thing.  It began late last night/early in am.  Comes in waves...she slept pretty well, but now sick again.    

Josh has the cast iron stomach...he is in there eating his sausage biscuit.  If you haven't tried this:  We LOVE the Jimmy Dean brand of Turkey sausage.  It must be a good seller too b/c we have a hard time finding it in stock.  It tastes even better than regular is GREAT! 

It is rainy here in our part of NC.  We found out today that some of our close friends near Montgomery in AL experienced tornados yesterday.  So lets be in prayer for those folks in that area.  Our friends had a rental property that got mowed to the ground by a tornado.  Yet, no one was hurt there, and that is the real blessing!  Not sure overall if there were any fatalities.  

Despite all of this, God is still on the throne.  He loves us and is so concerned about all of these things...big and little, He cares.  That is comforting.  Praying that the Lord Jesus is real to all of you today. 

I am learning to walk deeper with the Lord.  The most important part of going deep with Christ is abiding in Him...truly having that quiet time with the Lord, reading the Holy Bible and praying...talking to Jesus as if talking to a friend...after all He is my best friend.  To rise early and give Him the first part of the pleasing that must be to the Lord.  It is a difficult thing to do with caring for children and responsibilities...but it is so worth it and my day goes much better when I do!

If you haven't tried "The Message" translation of the Bible, I recommend.  I study and enjoy reading from several translations, but I truly enjoy The Message for every day reading.  It is written in a way that is easy to read, without losing the meaning of the scriptures.  Also, I enjoy using "The One Year Bible" in The New Living Translation for devotional purposes.  It gives you Old Testament, New Testament,  a Psalm and a Proverb scripture passage.  It is rly great!

So, be blessed today.  The creator of the universe thinks so much of us (even "as much as the grains of sand") and He loves us with an everlasting love! We are never alone, He is right with us, holding us in the palm of his almighty hand!  

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Afternoon First Time Blog!

Today has been a wonderful day in the Lord.  Church was inspiring and the presence of the Lord was so real.  Right now I am sitting here on the sofa, listening to the sweet snoring of my husband.  I say "sweet snoring" because I am thankful for the snores which remind me that I have a loving husband here to share our lives together and to serve the Lord.  Josh is outside riding his bike with his neighborhood friends.  Jordan is at her is peaceful today.  Getting ready to go to prayer meeting.  Ladies from our church get together on Sunday nights to pray together for needs and for our city, state, country...our schools, our children.  Whatever the Lord brings to us, we pray for the needs of others and each other.  It is a real blessing.  : )