Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Josh's Birthday

Today was a great day for Josh! You can check out a slideshow of his day on Josh's blog.

This evening we went to a pastime burger joint...Josh's favorite! And had great fun giggling and enjoying one another. Jordan insisted on making Josh's chocolate cake. She did a rly great job too! It amazes me how she so enjoys being in the kitchen...cooking that is. She is not much for the cleaning up. : ) Then again...neither am I.
We shared homemade chocolate cake and triple chocolate ice cream...just our little family.

Oh-We found these really cool "Prism Candles"...the flames had different colors to them. It was the coolest thing we have ever seen!! I'm going to post pics of the cake and candles, but not sure you can see the colored flames in the photos. I hope they will show. Pretty Neat and the kids LOVED it!

The colors reminded me of how God created the rainbow to remind us that He would never destroy the earth by rain again. Also, of the song by Kathryn Scott, which describes God as being clothed in rainbows of living color. What a beautiful and warn. thought!

And I can't believe my son is double digits!

love, Jenn

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