Monday, March 31, 2008

Afternoon at the Dr

Today we spent an afternoon at the Dr. For further tests for me and another chest x-ray to see if the walking pneumonia is gone. Those results have not gotten back to me yet.

The x-ray machine was broken at my Dr.'s office. So I was sent to an office across town and near the hospital. But before doing so, he told me that I needed to be on regular BP meds : ( and also that he needed to check further about my heart. The blood pressure issues indicate that I may have hardness of the heart. To get a better look at what is going on, he has scheduled me for an echocardiogram. Also, I'll have a treadmill stress test, which I am quite familiar with. : p

I already know that I need to lose weight and exercise. Yet his main concern is all of the heredity history on my side of the family that is working against me. My father died at 57 with heart disease (hardening of the arteries around the heart) mother has had blockages in her carotid well as high blood pressure. There is not a person on my fam tree who doesn't either have heart disease, High BP or Stroke.

The good new is, this body isn't all I have to look forward to. I've got a heavenly body awaiting me when I die...I'll be better than new then. : ) For now, I'm going to do all I can to take care of this earthen shell! is back to salads...and soups...and fruits.

Jordan and Josh were so good during all of the waiting. They are real troupers!

luvs to all who are reading my blog. I hope someone out there is reading them...


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rainy Days

I think about God so much when it rains. I don't know why. : ) I love the rain and the sound of it. Then everything looks so green afterwards when the sun comes back out.

David is snoring...he has more pain today and I think it is due to pushing himself to work this week, when he should have rested. But he is certainly resting now. And I am so glad. I'm so looking forward to getting back to church tomorrow. I've missed our church family tremendously!

I've also been missing our homeschool group. Monday will be a GREAT day!!! Then Tues, Thurs and Fri we are meeting with our homeschool friends. YAY!


Friday, March 28, 2008

P.S. .....

Thanks to Drea (of fina drea) for enhancing my rose photo...she rly got me looking! Thanks are so gifted!! Jenn

Trying Out Some New Skills...

Ok, so I am trying out template making. So what do you think of my new header? Give me a shout out and let me know what you think. I'm going to tweak it a bit later.

Had a little fun while watching a movie with Jordan and Josh. I'm watching Karate Kid 2...again for the 3rd time. The children and I are rly enjoying the time together. : )

Today was a great day with my friend Lynn, who is also a home-schooling mom. We learn so much from each other and she is such a wise lady. I love spending time with friends who are smarter than I, because it is so fun learning new ideas and a different perspective.

Enjoy your weekend with family and friends.

Blessings, Jenn

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice...Fam Update...Wally World

I'm sitting here with my fam. We are all totally addicted to Celebrity Apprentice. Awaiting the final results of who will be named the winner to be named by "the Donald". : )

This is one of the shows that brings us together at the TV. As well as American Idol. Well, Jordan and I are def. into American Idol. There aren't too many other shows that we watch.

Jordan is excited that Trace Adkins is getting ready to perform on C.A. He is such a gentleman too. I hope he wins!!! If he does, the money that he raises will go to help for research for children with severe food allergies. That is a beautiful cause, and he has a child with severe food allergies...a 6 yr old named Brianna.

Well, a little update on our family...the children and I spent all afternoon and evening in the ER on Monday with my husband. He had severe pain in his side when he would breathe or cough. Sometimes a certain way he would move would cause the pain. The Dr. ordered blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, and CAT scan. Thankfully it was NOT his kidneys! We have been through it a lot with his kidneys...he has had 27 stones, 2 kidney surgeries...and a part of his left kidney removed. So...anytime his kidneys are mentioned I cringe a bit...BUT it was NOT his kidneys. YAY!! However, he does have pleurisy which is quite painful. So please keep him in your prayers.

I am recovering from walking pneumonia and PRAISE GOD feeling much better! : )

Today the children and I ventured out to our new Walmart....SUPER Walmart. Love it and so glad to have it in our neighborhood! Now I won't have to drive 30 + mins to a larger city to by my groceries. Yeah, I'm excited about a doesn't take much for me to be thrilled. : )

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home for a visit in western NC

We are happy to be at home for a visit.

David and I drove separately here. He had to stop several times due to pains in his side and abdomen area. So we are praying for God's healing there. If this pain continues, he will go and have this checked out after we return home.

Josh left this morning to his cousin's house to play WII and he was thrilled about that!!! (He has no idea that his Aunt has bought him a WII and will be SO totally surprised tonight when he recieves his gift!!!)

Jordan is here hanging out and so enthralled with all of the cable channels that we do not get at our house. : ) She is taking in all the Disney/Hannah Montana, T.L.C. and Style that she fit into the day!! Right now she is watching "Wedding Planner".

Tonight we are cooking steaks out with David's mom, Aunt, Brother and his brother's family. Then tomorrow after church David's Aunt is having a family party for Josh at the country club here.

We are soooo looking forward to going back to our home church here for a visit. And very much looking forward to seeing our dear church family/friends of whom we have missed so much!! YAY!

Today the weather looks dreary outside. We are supposed to get some stormy weather later this afternoon. Right now it is only overcast and very the calm before the storm.

May you have a blessed day! Remember you are loved. John 3:16.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still feeling Blah...

I'm still very weak and have a lot of fatigue and shortness of breath. I went to the Dr. on Tues, and my X-Ray's show a spot on the upper right portion of my right lung. So, he is treated with powerful antibiotics to try to knock it out if it is pneumonia. In 2 weeks I go back for an X-Ray to check it again.

God is my healer and I trust that He is healing me and I will get a good report when I go back. :)

Since we have all been sick, all accept Josh. Homeschooling has been a little off this week. We have managed to get some schooling in, even with not being well. The children did a full day yesterday and that productive. We started the book, "The Adventures of Robin Hood" yesterday. They had just finished up with Black Beauty.

I miss my family and friends from Western NC. So if anyone from that area is reading my blog...COME SEE ME because I am missing my friends. Even with missing our friends and family, God has brought us some wonderful new friends in our new location. We are so thankful to meet new friends. : )

I'm not too talkative today...going to rest.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day in the Lord. Blessings! JenJen

Monday, March 10, 2008


David found out he had strep today. Blah!

Jordan has been sick since yesterday. We got an appt for her in the morning. Most likely she and I both have the strep...and this evening Josh complained of his throat bothering him. So...I'm doing a lot of praying for healing in our household!! The Dr's offices are so filled in our area that one cannot even get an appointment! We have to travel to a larger city.

Once the antibiotics kick in, David will be feeling better. : )

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Feeling a little under the weather...rebounding for life!

Today my hubby woke up feeling horrible. Sore throat, headache, fatigue. He tried to get dressed for church, but just could not make it. So the children and I went.

On the way to church, Jordan developed a bad headache and by the time we got there she had a sore throat too. She tried to stick in there, but got to feeling worse as the morning went on. We left right about the time the main service was beginning. Thankfully we did get through Sunday school and it was a wonderful message!

I feel sinus pressure and fatigue today too. Josh is feeling GREAT!

We stopped by Wally World AKA Super Walmart to get cold/flu meds. ibuprofen, soups and juices. We are all bundled up and resting now. Jordan and I are watching The Parent Trap...Jordan bundled on the sofa and I on the chair 1/2.

David is back in the bed resting. I can hear him snoring from in the living room!!!

Despite our symptoms, we are all believing and thanking God for our healing!! He will do it!!!

I've also kept up with my rebounding. Three days ago I began a venture of becoming a "rebounder". I've attached a link where you can read the benefits of rebounding. This is something the children and I are going to incorporate in our homeschool PE too.

In only a few days, I can tell a difference in how I am feeling all over! I'm hopeful that God is using this means of exercise to further the healing process of my Fibromyalgia, R.A. and Osteo-Arthritis.

I have worked up to 5 mins, 3 times a day. You begin with 2 mins at least 3 times per day and work up to 10 mins, 3 times per day. Anyway, you can read all about it via the web link that I've provided. It is so much easier on my knees and joints too.

Be a rebounder...for life!


Blessings, Jenn

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun at the Park!

We had a wonderful time at the park with our friends!! It is so nice to meet new friends too. I feel like I've not met many people with moving here to a new place. Thanks Andrea for connecting us!!

Jordan had so much fun taking care of Taite.

And Josh had great fun with Caleb. We are looking forward to getting together again.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

You may not know about me...Eat, Spit, Be Happy!

....What you may not know about me...I'm a "closet" seeder. Yep, I am!

As prim and proper and "put together/diva-ish" as I may appear to be...I have some very tomboyish traits! Being a seeder is one of them! (Also, I am very about hanging mini blinds and working with tools) But back to the seeder thing.

What is a seeder you may ask? Well, as taken right from the David's Original sunflower seeds bag:

"Seeders are unique. They're COOL, confident, independent, active, and hard working. They know that eating sunflower seeds (that are still in the shells) makes what they do more enjoyable...Things are better with SNACKTIVITY...

How to eat them:
Crack the shell with your teeth, eat the seed and spit the shell. Experienced seeders (such as myself) pop a handful of seeds in their mouth and store them in one cheek, then transfer a seed over to the other side with their tongue, crack it, then eat the seed and spit the shell."

Diva extraordinaire, ME:

Seeds packed in cheek:

Bring one shell to the other side and crack between teeth:

Classic spit (notice the Motel 8 cup...but any previous used disposable cup or if you have good aim like me you can use even a big 20 plastic soft drink bottle:

Life is good when seeding! And I got this blog happily done in the process. On any given night you may catch me and my hubby seeding while watching Dr. Phil. : )

The assumed spitting while thinking position:

; )


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Son after the storm...

Last night in our area we had Tornado Watch until approx 2 AM. Of which, I stayed up to see threw, because I promised the children that if conditions turned to tornado in our area, I would gather them a mother hen gathering her chicks. : )

Thankfully we got wind and rain, but no tornado. It rained so hard and fierce that it was coming through our kitchen window. I discovered this when had come BACK into the kitchen to double check that the doors were all locked up, and I heard water dripping.

My first thought was that we had a roof leak...Although, I couldn't believe it would be that b/c our roof is so new! So I followed the sound which led me to one of the kitchen windows. Ok...we have an outer storm plexi-glass that pulls down, then the screen pulls down, then a big space, and the actual one ply window. These are the original 50's windows. The water was getting in through the screen b/c the storm window was not pulled down. (we had been enjoying the breeze of some of these warmer sunnier days when possible). The water was pooling inside the window sill and overflowing and running through the inner frame molding of the inside of our window and dripping onto the floor at a fast rate! So I managed to get the outer storm plexi pulled down (getting drenched in the process) and I soaked up the huge pool of water inside the window frame, and the floor mopped. I kept a towel in between the screen and window and locked it up! Whew!

I thought about that feeling of being drenched, completely soaked. And thought to myself...this is how I want to be with covered and drenched in HIM and the Holy Spirit!

This morning I woke up to an absolutely GORGEOUS sunny day!! It was amazing to think that just hours before it was dark and stormy. Thinking on this reminds me that no matter what storm I am going thru in life (financial struggles, sickness, pain, abuse whether past or present of friends or family), if I will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus through His word and not on the circumstances that I see, there will be a breakthrough...where the sun (or SON) comes shining through. I will see it happen, just as I saw this beautiful day after such a horrific storm. Like that scripture that says, "Weeping may last for the night, but JOY comes in the morning"! Ps 30:5

Hope tomorrow will be another one like today, b/c we plan to take our children to a park with some of our new friends. YAY! Looking forward to this...and we are also staying with the baby of these same friends...his name is Taite Burger and even though the children won't get to see him b/c he will be sleeping, they are still excited at the thoughts of staying with the burger! : ) He and Caleb are soooo cute. Unfortunately, we won't get to stay with Caleb as he will be at school.

LOL, Jordan did not know I was even typing about going to the park and I heard she and Josh in the other room talking about getting to see Caleb and the burger...hehe...they are excited!!

Ok...what else...

Oh, in the midst of seeing out the storm, I got inspired to take some self photography and try to get some ideas for ministry purposes. If you want to see the pics, you can check out my "God's Girl album on MySpace page:

I'm God's favorite...and SO are YOU!!! Psalm 139

Blessings in Jesus name,

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Addy Girl and ME!

First time holding my sweet niece in FL for her first birthday!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Skydive

2. Go to Hawaii with David, Jordan and Josh

3. Lose 85 lbs

4. Fly to Maine to see my dear friend Sallie

5. Record a praise and worship CD

6. Own a Mercedes...paid for!

7. Play the piano well

8. Play the violin well

8 Things I Say Often

1. Are you serious???

2. Settle down!

3. Listen, I am your teacher now, not your mom!

4. Get your work done!

5. Focus on your lesson!!

6. Make your beds!

7. Did you brush your teeth yet???

8. No WAY!

8 Songs I Sing Over and Over Again

1. Moving with the Lamb

2. Worth It All

3. Onward Christian Soldiers

4. The BIBLE song

5. My Country Tis of Thee

6. At the Foot of the Cross

7. Have Your Way

8. The Revelation Song

8 Things I’m Passionate About

1. Jesus

2. Rev Pooh

3. J&J

4. teaching J&J

5. worshipping in song

6. being honest

7. music...singing...playing instruments

8. being real

8 Books I’ve Read Recently

1. Total Forgiveness

2. Voice instruction

3. The Chord Wheel Book

4. The Well Trained Mind

5. All of Jordan and Josh's textbooks and teachers guides

6. The Golden Goblet

7. currently reading Come Away My Beloved

8. continually reading the Bible

8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends

1. Their passion for the things of God

2. Their kindness

3. Creativity

4. Open and honest

5. Similarities and Differences...I like friends who have things in common w/ me. But I also like friends who are very different so I can learn from them a different perspective.

6. I also like to have friends who are smarter than I am, so I can learn from them. : )

7. Fun loving and spur of the moment friends are great!

8. I am attracted to friends I can be real with.

8 People I Think Should Do Crazy 8’s

Hmmmm....don't have many bloggin friends! Only Drea! But whoever sees this and would like to go for it, feel free!

Not typing too fast tonight...

my fingers are tired!

60 words


Mom on Drums! HA!!

Something to make you laugh!!!

Well, we had fun doing silly things taking short videos of mom on drums!! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday dinner with friends

We had a wonderful dinner with our friends P.T. and Drea...Caleb and Taite Burger. Tried out a new, kinda old, kinda new (in location) Chinese Restaurant. Wu Wu's (haha, drea will get it!) It was OK, but will probably try another C.R. next time. It didn't win me over and the service was not that great. Might give them another chance though...I'm all about 2nd chances.

My children and I, with hubby adjacent to us...are watching our favorite comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond. : )

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in eastern NC. The sky was so clear and blue! Our family had spent the night last night, about 2 hrs from here at a hotel. We needed some family time. The children swam in the indoor pool, and we had a nice dinner together. Then we got up early this morning and the children took a swim, then we went to a few outlet shops for David to get some new clothes (much needed) We found some great buys!

We got home about 2:30 and it wasnt to long afterwards that our friends called for us to meet them for dinner. What a nice surprise and it was the perfect ending to a relaxing and wonderful day! God is so good!!


PS - above is an image of our children with our baby niece from our FL trip!