Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday dinner with friends

We had a wonderful dinner with our friends P.T. and Drea...Caleb and Taite Burger. Tried out a new, kinda old, kinda new (in location) Chinese Restaurant. Wu Wu's (haha, drea will get it!) It was OK, but will probably try another C.R. next time. It didn't win me over and the service was not that great. Might give them another chance though...I'm all about 2nd chances.

My children and I, with hubby adjacent to us...are watching our favorite comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond. : )

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in eastern NC. The sky was so clear and blue! Our family had spent the night last night, about 2 hrs from here at a hotel. We needed some family time. The children swam in the indoor pool, and we had a nice dinner together. Then we got up early this morning and the children took a swim, then we went to a few outlet shops for David to get some new clothes (much needed) We found some great buys!

We got home about 2:30 and it wasnt to long afterwards that our friends called for us to meet them for dinner. What a nice surprise and it was the perfect ending to a relaxing and wonderful day! God is so good!!


PS - above is an image of our children with our baby niece from our FL trip!

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Drea said...

we had a nice time 2. and i agree the service wasnt good. chinese food should be fast. It was way to slow and odd how the brought out the food one item at a time.. very weird!

The chinese places by our house is much better. and maybe next time just get it to go and eat it at our house so burger can run wild :-)