Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice...Fam Update...Wally World

I'm sitting here with my fam. We are all totally addicted to Celebrity Apprentice. Awaiting the final results of who will be named the winner to be named by "the Donald". : )

This is one of the shows that brings us together at the TV. As well as American Idol. Well, Jordan and I are def. into American Idol. There aren't too many other shows that we watch.

Jordan is excited that Trace Adkins is getting ready to perform on C.A. He is such a gentleman too. I hope he wins!!! If he does, the money that he raises will go to help for research for children with severe food allergies. That is a beautiful cause, and he has a child with severe food allergies...a 6 yr old named Brianna.

Well, a little update on our family...the children and I spent all afternoon and evening in the ER on Monday with my husband. He had severe pain in his side when he would breathe or cough. Sometimes a certain way he would move would cause the pain. The Dr. ordered blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, and CAT scan. Thankfully it was NOT his kidneys! We have been through it a lot with his kidneys...he has had 27 stones, 2 kidney surgeries...and a part of his left kidney removed. So...anytime his kidneys are mentioned I cringe a bit...BUT it was NOT his kidneys. YAY!! However, he does have pleurisy which is quite painful. So please keep him in your prayers.

I am recovering from walking pneumonia and PRAISE GOD feeling much better! : )

Today the children and I ventured out to our new Walmart....SUPER Walmart. Love it and so glad to have it in our neighborhood! Now I won't have to drive 30 + mins to a larger city to by my groceries. Yeah, I'm excited about a doesn't take much for me to be thrilled. : )

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