Sunday, March 9, 2008

Feeling a little under the weather...rebounding for life!

Today my hubby woke up feeling horrible. Sore throat, headache, fatigue. He tried to get dressed for church, but just could not make it. So the children and I went.

On the way to church, Jordan developed a bad headache and by the time we got there she had a sore throat too. She tried to stick in there, but got to feeling worse as the morning went on. We left right about the time the main service was beginning. Thankfully we did get through Sunday school and it was a wonderful message!

I feel sinus pressure and fatigue today too. Josh is feeling GREAT!

We stopped by Wally World AKA Super Walmart to get cold/flu meds. ibuprofen, soups and juices. We are all bundled up and resting now. Jordan and I are watching The Parent Trap...Jordan bundled on the sofa and I on the chair 1/2.

David is back in the bed resting. I can hear him snoring from in the living room!!!

Despite our symptoms, we are all believing and thanking God for our healing!! He will do it!!!

I've also kept up with my rebounding. Three days ago I began a venture of becoming a "rebounder". I've attached a link where you can read the benefits of rebounding. This is something the children and I are going to incorporate in our homeschool PE too.

In only a few days, I can tell a difference in how I am feeling all over! I'm hopeful that God is using this means of exercise to further the healing process of my Fibromyalgia, R.A. and Osteo-Arthritis.

I have worked up to 5 mins, 3 times a day. You begin with 2 mins at least 3 times per day and work up to 10 mins, 3 times per day. Anyway, you can read all about it via the web link that I've provided. It is so much easier on my knees and joints too.

Be a rebounder...for life!


Blessings, Jenn

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