Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Son after the storm...

Last night in our area we had Tornado Watch until approx 2 AM. Of which, I stayed up to see threw, because I promised the children that if conditions turned to tornado in our area, I would gather them a mother hen gathering her chicks. : )

Thankfully we got wind and rain, but no tornado. It rained so hard and fierce that it was coming through our kitchen window. I discovered this when had come BACK into the kitchen to double check that the doors were all locked up, and I heard water dripping.

My first thought was that we had a roof leak...Although, I couldn't believe it would be that b/c our roof is so new! So I followed the sound which led me to one of the kitchen windows. Ok...we have an outer storm plexi-glass that pulls down, then the screen pulls down, then a big space, and the actual one ply window. These are the original 50's windows. The water was getting in through the screen b/c the storm window was not pulled down. (we had been enjoying the breeze of some of these warmer sunnier days when possible). The water was pooling inside the window sill and overflowing and running through the inner frame molding of the inside of our window and dripping onto the floor at a fast rate! So I managed to get the outer storm plexi pulled down (getting drenched in the process) and I soaked up the huge pool of water inside the window frame, and the floor mopped. I kept a towel in between the screen and window and locked it up! Whew!

I thought about that feeling of being drenched, completely soaked. And thought to myself...this is how I want to be with covered and drenched in HIM and the Holy Spirit!

This morning I woke up to an absolutely GORGEOUS sunny day!! It was amazing to think that just hours before it was dark and stormy. Thinking on this reminds me that no matter what storm I am going thru in life (financial struggles, sickness, pain, abuse whether past or present of friends or family), if I will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus through His word and not on the circumstances that I see, there will be a breakthrough...where the sun (or SON) comes shining through. I will see it happen, just as I saw this beautiful day after such a horrific storm. Like that scripture that says, "Weeping may last for the night, but JOY comes in the morning"! Ps 30:5

Hope tomorrow will be another one like today, b/c we plan to take our children to a park with some of our new friends. YAY! Looking forward to this...and we are also staying with the baby of these same friends...his name is Taite Burger and even though the children won't get to see him b/c he will be sleeping, they are still excited at the thoughts of staying with the burger! : ) He and Caleb are soooo cute. Unfortunately, we won't get to stay with Caleb as he will be at school.

LOL, Jordan did not know I was even typing about going to the park and I heard she and Josh in the other room talking about getting to see Caleb and the burger...hehe...they are excited!!

Ok...what else...

Oh, in the midst of seeing out the storm, I got inspired to take some self photography and try to get some ideas for ministry purposes. If you want to see the pics, you can check out my "God's Girl album on MySpace page:

I'm God's favorite...and SO are YOU!!! Psalm 139

Blessings in Jesus name,

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