Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today we did some major cleaning out of our barn!!! We moved here to eastern NC, and brought with us about 7 yrs of accumulated stuff! We did not have time to go through our things before we had to move out of our previous home (which was a much bigger house than the one we are in now. Soooo, with 2 children and me being a pack rat...nuff said...

It feels so wonderful to clean out the old and simplify. A cleansing for me in so many ways...even spiritually. Also, it is such a blessing to give what we don't need to others who are in great need.

We gave some furniture to a lady who was so precious. She, and I believe it was her daughter, came to pick up the 2 pieces we were getting rid of. Both ladies were deaf; could read lips VERY well and speak sign language. I was wishing today that I knew sign language. : ( Yet, I was so amazed that they could read my lips most of the time. : ) That was GREAT! It was such a blessing to meet them.

It amazing me that when we give, we meet some incredible people along the way! : ) Another thing when cleaning out, we become even more aware of just how truly blessed we are. And we STILL have more cleaning out to do. I'm just going to take one room at a time in the next weeks.

I'm so thankful that my hubby was home ALL day today, and he did not have any other commitments. We were able to work together and get so much accomplished.

The children kept themselves occupied today without us even asking them to...Josh was working to accomplish a higher level on a Super Smash Bros video game and Jordan spent most of the day with her friend Madeline.

The next time we move, we are definitely using a much smaller moving truck...and only taking the bare basics of what we need! Some things that are sentimental are still difficult for me to release. : )

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