Sunday, May 25, 2008

Movie Day, Lazy Day!

We have all been a bunch of bums this weekend.

Our family has watched Apollo 13...I lost count of the times! Then Jordan and I have watched A League of Their Own, and now currently watching First Daughter. Whew!

David has been asleep most of the afternoon. He did attend a funeral this afternoon for one of his patients who passed away last week. This morning he taught Sunday School, and shared his testimony. It was a beautiful time and many were so touched by him being so open with his life and what God has done in his life.

Josh is playing baseball in our living room...with we are watching First Daughter. Every now and then I see a little plastic mini ball fly in front of the TV screen. : o )

This is totally off subject, but Andrea, if you read this, would you tell me again which mineral make up it is that you like the best? I know you said it was from Canada. I looked up mineral make up in Canada and got a LOT of links to many make up companies. : )

Jordan and Josh took the CAT test last week and I think they did very well. I've already been working on my homeschool curriculum for next yr. We are going to go through summer with Bible, Math, Language, Latin and Reading. I'm working on Science and History for next school yr. Has anyone used Apologia Science before? Just wondering about it.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with family. This weekend has gone by way too fast!! We played a lot Sat doing family things. So, tomorrow will be family work day for us. We will have fun though!


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