Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freezing and Nocturnal

Even after taking melatonin, I am still not sleepy!! Can't seem to get my creative wheels to turn off in the evening (or even early AM!!

A new friend of mine came over for dinner. Hubby was working, so I made dinner for us all (my friend and her son, and my two kiddos). Our friend brought dessert and Starbucks..YUM! I made baked chicken with green beens and mashed potatoes. So delicious! We had a wonderful visit, discussing the things of God...and worship!

Wow, it is really rainy and windy outside right now! It is FREEZING in here right now as well!!!!

I'm so random at the moment!!! LOL

Ok, our little fam is getting excited about going home to western NC for the holidays. The kids are super excited and can hardly wait!!! I'm hoping for the children and I to be able to stay longer than a week, so we can have more time to visit family and friends.

Oh...what else...

I've talked about this before, but seriously considering closing out my personal blog. My family in FL does enjoy reading up on us, but it seems that I just do not have the time to blog. Nor do I have anything much interesting for folks to read! :)

I'll probably keep my photography blog, and just direct whomever is interested to that blog at www.jennography.com

Then, keep it simple with basically my photography, and from time to time a bit of personal life blogging.

I just don't have time to keep up with two or more blogs, with homeschooling, music, photography, FB, Flickr, TWEETER. lol I mean geez...people who keep up with all of these things must have NO family life or LIFE in general...whatsoever! Or it is a make believe one! There is no way that it won't catch up with a person eventually!

Also, so many things have been distracting me from my ministry. I'm spinning my wheels these days not feeling like I am going anywhere. Yet so desiring to live out the will of God, and once again get alone with the Lord...in the quiet!

At any rate, I'll let you all know before I delete the blog. I may try to figure out how to transfer everything from this blog, to my jennography.com.

Until then...Here are a few of my recent photos; click here at www.jennography.com

These shoots were so unique and fun! God is so amazing to use something as simple as photography to speak into my life, and into the lives of others.

My apologies for any typos! It is after 3 am!!! I'm off to bed, and hope that I will be able to get SOME shut eye!


Kim said...

Being a night person in a day peron world doesn't always work. Keep up the good job and stay faithful.

BTW I have blogger, FB, Twitter and do have a pretty good family life too. I can give tons of examples of how using social media has improved the lives of the clients I work with. All about balance :-)

Jennography said...

Oh I know you do Kim! LOL

For me...with schooling two children, and hours of photo editing...it just seems more important to take care of those things (along with more quality time in person with folks-which I am trying to be better about fitting in!) before worrying about a blog!

I definitely need FB and possibly twitter for promoting photography. Also, do agree it is a good social tool.

However, I am staying quite busy just with word of mouth on photography. Homeschooling two children is a full time job in itself! Then the photography being part time. Also, trying to learn keyboard. (not to mention I have to study up on lessons before I teach, and grade their work, etc. Here it is 1:30 am, and checking my blog as I upload photos from a recent shoot AH! :)

Thanks for the encouragement though. I'm offff to bedddd! nite nite! Oh, we do Mexican soon??? Yes?