Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Antibiotics

My husband ended up taking our son to church this morning, while I stayed home with our girl. She was the most excited about all of us being together at church this morning! She was soooo wanting to see her youth friends, and check on our youth pastor's wife (who injured her finger recently). Yet, her sweet and almost to tears sad face walks into our room and says, "mom, my throat is very sore again today". :*-(

Soooooooooooo, this morning husband was approached at church and asked, "Why isn't she on an antibiotic?". I'm thinking...hmmmm, This is a person I had already thoroughly explained this whole situation/scenario with. Funny to me. But, I'm notorious for "checking out" when people are talking with me. I'm not doing it intentionally, it just happens. Therefore, I'll give this person the benefit of the doubt. ;)

Anywhooooo...For those who read my blog, family and friends who are from our church here or back home...anyone's the deal...

Last Monday, I took our daughter to her pediatrician. Who thoroughly checked her over, and gave her a strep test (which came back negative). The Dr. tells me that there is a virus going around, and she has seen it a lot in their office. It starts with a bad sore throat (which our girl explained as being as painful as knives in her throat) that is the kind of pain, bad headache, some body aches, fatigue, then congestion. The congestion can last for weeks. Seriously, the snot or mucus (either sounds gross to me!) keeps coming and coming...from nowhere!

We were told the virus symptoms may even come and go (which they did this morning); symptoms can reoccur for up to 14 days. If she has symptoms, she is contagious.

She is going on day 11 with this. Prior to that, she had an intestinal flu...our whole family did! So for a week we were sick with that, prior to getting the crud. We've had illness going on for 3 wks...and people, I'm totally over it! lol ;)

We've hardly been anywhere. When I go out to the grocery store, I have my hand sanitizer within reach (thanks to 3M-and our Aunt who keeps us in supply)

Our Dr. has seen a lot of this type of virus. We are only to call back if she begins to run a high fever. So, for now we have to trust the physician that we have entrusted our children with. First and foremost, I trust the Great Physician!

It is that time of year though. Our little family has been so healthy in the past 2 yrs as far as colds and virus stuff. We are thankful to have been so well in past years. Unfortunately, now we are taking a turn at it...and it keeps us a bit shut in.

I've always heard after 10 days it must be bacterial, and there needs to be an antibiotic prescribed. Lately, we are seeing other bugs and infections that are new, and that are even resistant to antibiotics. I'd rather allow my child to fight it off and build their immune system (as long as the child is not getting dangerous symptoms), rather than put them on antibiotics. That is what I feel is best for us. I'm sure someone might beg to differ. That is ok, to each his/her own though. :)

My theory: One reason why the flu and all of these new viruses are so rampant, could very well be that some are not taking their Dr's advise, and staying in the length necessary to "not be" contagious. I realize it is difficult for some out there...single moms and so many situations that keep others from being able to rest when needed. For those who CAN stay in a rest...and not spread more germs...that is the better choice in my opinion.

Call me a germ-a-phob, I don't care. ;) I know it, and proud of it! I come from a long line of them. lol

Oh, the Dr. told us that they are seeing several cases of the swine flu in children here. On the Today show this morning, every single state with the exception of two...had severe outbreaks of the swine flu. Another good reason for staying out of public places for now. Germs Germs Germs! lol Doesn't mean I don't allow them to be outside though. It is good for the immune system to get fresh air. So even if our two are out tossing a ball back and forth for a little while... they are getting a little exercise, sunshine and fresh air.

By the way...she just came in and told me that her sore throat is already feeling better than it was when she woke up! Thank you Lord! I still had her gargle with warm salt water. :p

We are going to meet our Florida family in GA next month for my birthday. YAY!!! Our family is praying that we ALL stay well, so we can enjoy our time together. It is rare that we get to see each other! Please Lord keep us well!!!


Esthermay said...

I'm a germ-a-phob too. AND... I fully trust the Great Physician!!
Hope she feels better now.

Jenn said...

haha Esthermay! So glad to know it!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. DD is feeling much better. :)
Blessings, Jenn