Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creative Carving; Hiatus

Last night we got together with our neighbors and carved pumpkins. We had a great time, and our son was so skilled at scooping out the pumpkin guts! Thanks son!!

It was neat how he enjoyed that, while our daughter worked on our pumpkin designing. He also added his last minute touches to the design.

DD (darling daughter) came up with the eyes and mouth. DS (darling son) came up with the eyebrows and adding in the nose.

Our neighbors created a bit more elaborate pumpkins; A cool looking pirate...totally designed from scratch by the husband Bart. It was detailed!! Also, an adorable detailed monster from Monster's Inc, that was carved by his wife Anne.

They served us some delicious "boo" sugar cookies. Oh, and our DD designed a "Boo" pumpkin for one of their "baby" pumpkins.

We have photos. However, the memory on my computer is getting so backed up from RAW photo files. I had trouble uploading the prints from our p&s camera...mainly due to videos being on their as well. For some reason it is too much for iPhoto to import (I have a 3-4 yr old macbook) So when I can get our system cleaned up and tuned up a bit, I'll post some photos from last night. If our friends get their copies posted first, I'll link you to their blog. :)

Hiatus concerning Facebook:
I've gotten to some of you already, but I don't think everyone. Then I realized...perhaps some folks are reading my blog, and can let them know that way.

I've deleted my Facebook. No big deal. Not sure when or if I will return. There were some things going on concerning the photography end where God said, "take a time out from it".

Mainly, questioning where my energy needs to be most focused on.

For now, it is family, teaching, learning keyboard and learning more about subjects I am teaching the children, singing to the Lord, writing songs when inspired to do so (which usually comes without trying when I am having quality time with God...it is birthed from spending deep and precious times with the Lord...in His word and in soaking prayer where I am being still before the Lord), as well as more learning of technical aspects of photography.

Also, keeping in remembrance the purpose of the photography. It is easy to get the "big head" when doing something like photography. I have a natural eye for it, however, I've got plenty to learn. Before I put myself out there as an "expert", or one who knows a lot about it, I'd better DEFINITELY "know it" and know my camera!

I want to be certain that I am not feeding off of compliments, but being fueled ONLY by my passion and love of the art of photography. :)

I've got this newer Canon 30d...still have so much to read up on about it. It really is different than shooting with the 10d. Not to mention, still have so much to learn about photography! Having the natural eye is only part of it.

So.... friends and family...don't think I "nixed" you as a friend on FB. I've deleted my acct. That's all. :) You can still reach me the old fashioned way...by phone, email(funny to think that email is becoming old fashioned), or keep up with me through my blog.

I'm still doing photography. I've still got my jennography blog and will post occasional photos there from time to time. :) So feel free to ask if interested in me doing photos for you.

Oh, and I still have Flickr. Only, it is marked private for friends and family only. You'll need to have an account, and I'll have to approve you before you can see my work there. I can also send you guest passes to see my work if you don't have an account there.

If I return to FB, I'll not be as concerned about posting up a bunch of photos there. Only 1-3 from the shoots for the client to get a sneak peak, and for them to use one as a profile photo (if they want). In the future, I'm going to do client proofing in person.

This may not make any sense to anyone else, yet it is between the Lord and I. Something He is working out in me. :)

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