Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adventure and Photography

Well, the children and I had an adventure of a day yesterday!

On our traveling back from visiting family, which is a 4 hour drive, my van broke down on the main hwy. Luckily I was able to get off on an exit and coast into the ONLY shell station within miles.

The children and I sat there while husband had a 3 hour drive to get to us. While David was in transit, I went inside and inquired about some local mechanics. After husband called the first of the business cards, he determined that the man must have been on some type of drugs or alcohol. He was not making any sense at all. So he called a second.

Two men were there within 30 mins. They were very clean cut and helpful! BUT they did not have all of their work equipment because they were actually on their way to return a rental truck when they got the call from us. So, they tinkered with a few things, and thought water was getting inside of the air filter or gas line. They drove it up and down the side road, also took it on the hwy, and of course it did not jerk (like it did with me and it felt as if the engine would drop out onto the ground!!)

So, I get back into van, drive it around and it seems fine, the men would NOT allow me to pay them!! They were headed in the same direction as me. They told me to call them if I had any problems. I no more get on the hwy, when the danged thing started jerking AGAIN!! To the point where I could not accelerate!

Needless to say, a few miles up the road I had to pull off on the hwy, right under an overpass. Pouring and transfer trucks WHIZZZING by! Nice guys in truck stop again to help me. heehee

Again they tinker and decide I need dry gas put in. I barely make it to the next exit, and they pour a bunch of octane cleaning stuff into my tank, but the gas station we stopped at had no dry gas. They leave because by then husband had arrived! We were in a city where we have some family. Together we find an auto parts place, buy dry gas, put some premium gas in with. This time, husband drives the van and I follow in the car. A few miles up with hwy, van begins jerking uncontrollably. Husband says. WHHHHOOOAAAAA. lol. We drive back to city where family is a few miles back, and leave the car with his uncle. He graciously offers to take our van to his mechanic.

We find out today, that it will cost 400 bucks to fix my van. :( SHOOT!!!!! lol! It is what it is though. :-/ Thankful that it is not more than that!!! We are also so thankful that God kept us safe during the two times I had to pull off of the hwy.

Now to the happy part. Here are some photos of my sweet girl. Can't believe how she is so growing!!! She's growing into a beautiful young lady. Next I hope to do a photoshoot of my son. I'll post one recent of him jumping in front of my mirror shot. lol! It's kind of blurry of him, but he jump in unexpectedly!


A Little Sweet:

A Little Sassy:

A Little Smart:

A Little Sarcastic:

A Little OVER IT! lol

The reason we went home last week was for me to do a photoshoot for my niece. She was in a county pageant and came in first runner up out of 13 girls. Also, she won the talent!! So proud of her!!!






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Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

absolutely beautiful girls! You take such amazing pics! Sorry to hear about the van. . .