Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bring Her Back In???

Ahhh! DD (darling daughter) still has nasal congestion after 12-13 days. This morning she woke up with a fever. Her pediatrician told me to call if she had a fever.

This morning she woke up with a fever, so I called first thing. At about 10:30 I got a call back from the nurse.

Now, even though she has no other symptoms (except the fever, only the bad nasal congestion and occasional headache), they will probably be having me bring her in again!! She had those symptoms before when she saw her. They did a strep test, etc...said it was viral.

At this point, I really believe it is sinus infection. Or some type of bacterial infection.

Poor thing has been sick for over 3 wks now with intestinal flu, and now this for over 2 wks!

I'm not the kind of mom who likes to rush to put my kids on an antibiotic, unless it is absolutely necessary. Taking her in again will be like playing russian roulette with the flu.

Thankfully last Mon. when I took her in, we didn't catch anything. That office is seeing a lot of flu cases though...if we have to go back again, we are increasing chances.


Their pediatrician back home (who has known them since they were babies) would have called them in an antibiotic if they had already seen them once for the same symptoms. We have been so healthy for the most part! They can see by our children's charts that we are not antibiotic junkies!! lol.

Ok, sorry to spill there for a moment. Only want us to stay healthy, so we can all have a good time when we are together with our FL family over Thanksgiving! We're so excited and can't wait to get there!!!

Oh, I'm working on getting our pumpkin carving photos up! :))) Something to brings smiles.

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