Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Son-Budding Photographer/Van is Home!

Our son has been showing a great interest in movie making for quite sometime. Recently, he has been interested in the fisheye lens effect, as well as slow zooming in of subjects. He has asked a lot of questions about lenses and how they work.

This afternoon, he and I went outside for a few basics. I'm only beginning him in auto with basics. Today we worked on focus/focal points, and a few basics on composition. Wow, I was impressed with some of the images he came out with!!!

He even came up with a cool and creative name for his photography...all on his own! Highspeed Photography, and plans to use a MPH/ speedometer or tachometer somehow with his logo.

Here are a few of his photographs from this afternoon. A few are dead center on the composition, but once I explained the rule of 3rds, he caught on quickly! This child of mine totally amazed me!




I thought this next one was just STUNNING with the bokeh...done all on his own!



Not much editing done to these at all. A little sharpening, and a tad of contrast....quickly done in my iphoto program. Nice work son!!! You are so creative and I pray that God will use your gifts to be a blessing to others.

Well, we just got in from picking up our van (about a 3 hr drive one way) from where it pooped out on us. It is running fine now, and we are thankful to have it back in our parking space!

Right now I am charging batteries, and getting my photography gear ready for a wedding shoot this weekend. YAY!! I'm sooooo excited about photographing this wedding at the beach. It won't actually be ON the beach, but in a sweet church. I'm looking forward to taking some fun photos on the beach as well though! A friend of mine is going to second shoot for me. Another fun part is, we get to enjoy a night at the beach...wooohooooo! :)) God is good!


Anne B. said...

We saw Josh out shooting in the back yard. I wanted to ask him about it, but couldn't at the time. So fun to see what he did. THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!

Have fun at the wedding!

Jenn said...

Thank you! :) He is really getting into photography and movie making. God is going to use these talents in him to do great things in the future. :)