Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dreaming...Santa Baby...

Hurry down the chimney tonight! ;) Never hurts to dream...

Wish list:
iMac desktop Computer (probably the most needful thing right now...trying to share a small laptop among a family of 4 with a photography mom, a son who is into making movies and now photography, and a daughter who is also shooting photography...yowzaaaa! This little 13" screen 3+ yr old macbook is losing speed fast! lol)
This is the one I dream of. Will probably have to settle for a last yrs model at the first of next yr though. haha
The new iMac 27" desktop- a dream photography editing machine!

Camera Equipment to dream about...

Pro Camera Body-the bodies I have now are semi pro and crop sensor. Would really love to have a full frame pro series camera someday.

1st Choice:
Canon 1d Mark IV


2nd Choice (even a gently used one)
Canon 5d Mark II body only

Lenses First Choice:
Canon EF 16-35mm f/ 2.8L USM

Canon Zoom EF 24-70mm f/ 2.8L

Canon 35mm wide angle f/1.4

Lenses Second Choice:
Tamron lens for Canon SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di-II VC LD Aspherical (IF) Lens for Canon DSLR Cameras

Tamron Lens for Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Autofocus Lens for Canon EOS

Canon 35mm f/2.0

I got to thinking how expensive these lenses are. However, the investment is definitely in the glass (lens). There definitely is a difference in optics!

Thinking the ones I listed are quite expensive...I came across this little beauty...for the low price of $75,896.50. Yes, I typed that correctly. Over 75K for a lens. :o

Check it out here...
Canon HJ40x14B 40x High Def Lens

It is really a lens for videography... but WOWWwww Talk about pricey!!


Drea said...

wow! yup thats a big list :)

Jenn said...

It could have easily been bigger. ;) Certainly a "dream" list though. haha!

I'm glad you told me how well you liked the 35mm 1.4. I had researched it, and tried it out at ASAP before you shared your experience with it. Nice to hear from someone who has actually shot with it first hand. :) Hind sight is 20/20...wish I had taken your advise and rented that one for the wedding I shot last weekend. Felt a bit constrained with the lenses I had!