Thursday, January 15, 2009

Throwing Back Later On; Surgery Prep for Woogie

I've not been real good at keeping up with the throwbacks, and wordless wed's. I'll try to do better about it. :) I really do desire to participate in these. Also, I had wanted to go a little deeper about my life journey on Sat's...but honestly have not had that emotional energy these days to do the Sat writing.

Last week we did come across so many precious photos of J and J that I definitely want to get posted!!! It is just that they require scanning before I can get them on the blog. In our small apartment we do not have the room to keep our printer out. Therefore I will have to dig it out of the closet everytime we use it...and just haven't done that with other things going on.

For today, I'll give you all some updates.

Today our little girl aka the Woogie, had her history and physical prep for surgery. She did GREAT. When the blood was drawn, she did not flinch one bit! She is so much like me. When I was younger and received shots, I would sit there and watch the shot go in. This is when I was very young, and the nurses could not believe it.

Anyway...she had all the routine pre surgery tests. She had never "pee'd" in a cup cracked me up seeing her face as I was trying to explain it all before she went into the restroom(she looked at me, "Like WHAT???"... you know the whole "certain way to wipe with the wipe thingy", catch midstream...put cup in the window. She thought that was so funny.

After the lab work, the nurse swabbed her nose to test for mersa. This was something new to me...I've never had that done prior to any of my surgeries. Apparently it is an extra precaution that hospitals are now taking for anyone who will be staying in the hospital. If she is carrying any staph infection, she will need to take a round of antibiotics prior to her surgery.

I had to sign all of those forms that tell you the gloom and doom of it all. The worst that can happen...etc etc. I didn't even want to read it...just signed.

I'm still trusting God for a miracle healing! I can always hope, and trust God for His best way too.

When we finished up with all of that, we went over to the main Hospital. The Child Life Specialist took us on a tour...beginning from the main entrance, and going through all of the steps and places that she will be going...surgical prep room, O.R. Pedatric ICU room, Peds floor...we got to see it all! It was so great, and I think it really helped J to know what is coming. The CLS was so kind and allowed her to ask lot of questions, and even showed her instruments and tubes that will be used. (She only shows these items if the child says they are OK with it.) She was so caring and wonderful with J.

Then...the best part of our day. :)) Some dear friends of ours came to visit from the town we moved from in October. I've missed these dear friends so much, and we had such a blessed time in the Lord together. They both prayed over our family, and we shared sweet conversation.

Thank you Lord!

I've so missed having our friends from back home, especially in times like these. I know Jesus is our friend who sticks closer than a brother, but it has been difficult being away from friends and family for the past 2 yrs, and not being able to really connect with other believers on an intimate level here. You know, where you can just be yourself, and they love you anyway with warts and all??? No pretense and no pretending. Vice versa too! Those kinds of friends are very rare.

We are going home to visit our family and friends one last time before her surgery day. Woogie wants to see her best friend in whom she has known since they were babies. :) We will also celebrate our son's birthday while we are there. Even though his birthday is really mid Feb, we are going to celebrate early because we do no know when we will be able to travel with our girl. I'd say at least 6 weeks before we can drive that distance. (He's excited to have an early birthday tho ;)

Hope you are all having a beautiful day!


Esthermay said...

What a story! I'm going to share this with my kids at dinner tonight and we will pray.
Love the account of pee'in' in the cup -- "midstream.." funny :-)
Praise God for good friends who keep us lifted up!
Be Blessed!

3 for Me! said...

I may be quiet when I "visit" your blog:) But know that we are praying for you guys. That you will have continued peace and that that the surgeons and nurses will have wisdom (beyond there own) and that Jordan will thrive and heal.

Jordan is such a sweet girl. I can't wait to hear about how her contagious smile and sweet personality will enourage the doctors and staff:)

Jenn said...

Esthermay...we got a chuckle out of our day, that is for sure!!! :) Thank you for stopping by.

3 for Me...We appreciate your prayers. Jordan has already brought smiles to the staff there today. She really is such a joy, and is staying so positive through this whole thing. My sweet girl!