Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rough Night in the PICU

J is in a lot of pain. The surgeon had injected her spine with a gel that contains something for pain, and as the hours go on, it will wear off and her pain will intensify. She is on morphine round the clock. Right now they are sitting her up for the first time, and this is huge for her!

She also ran a fever in the night, which isn't uncommon. Her surgeon said this morning when he came by that she reacted to several meds they used to put her to sleep. (we had told him about the rash on her legs, and he said with her it could be a number of things right now)

Her chest hurts when she breaths in deep. Therefore she tries to breath short and choppy to compensate, but this is not good for her to do. So we are working with her to make her cough and take deep breaths with this plastic breathing tube thingy. :) We have been suctioning a lot of mucus from her as she coughs it up. Her Dr. has ordered chest x-rays to check for a few things there.

After sitting her up she is now complaining a bit of a head ache. She also coughed up more mucus. It is so good to get this gunk out! They are going to allow her to have some water and juice this morning to see how she can tolerate it.

I'll post more photos a little later as she progresses. Thank you for your prayers!


rebecca said...

Praying for a fast recovery for your precious girl!

Jenn said...

Thank you Rebecca. :)