Monday, January 12, 2009

My Son...Love his grins


My boy and I.

I'm trying not to get so wrapped up in my daughter's medical issues, that I forget to give of him my time. Things weigh on him too and he does not always show it. Well, most times he doesn't. Yet, I know he cares about what is going on, and is so aware. He is a deep kid.

Last night we played Battleship together. We had a great time and he totally creamed me, and sunk ALL of my ships. :) I love seeing him grin when he wins. He doesn't want to rub it in...still the victory of winning is written all over his face in such a humble way. ;)

We have been given such precious gifts. God gave us our children, and we give them back to entrust God with their lives. Even though we don't always get it right..."the whole parenting thing"...It is an honor we take seriously.

* I want to thank a fellow flickr-er, Pareeerica, for the beautiful Framed Gold Lace texture. Thank you for sharing your wonderful textures!

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