Monday, January 5, 2009

Accomplished, Need Your Opinion, and Got the Back to Home-schooling Blues!

This weekend we got a lot accomplished! Hubby and I packed away our Christmas decor. He is usually not into doing that sort of thing, but Sat. he was such a big help. (even helped take ornaments off the tree ;) Mainly, tote-ing those boxes was a bigger help for me than anything else. I don't mind so much packing things up myself. ;)

Sunday he helped me rearrange our living room under my direction as I was not feeling well on Sun. I think I'm going to like the new arrangement so much better. It now feels like a home with portraits of the children hung, and a warmer feel with the better positioning of our furniture. We decided to take our television out of our Armoire, and then use the Armoire as book storage. Why I did not think of this before?, I do not know. lol! Works perfectly though. I'll post some photos of the living room a little bit later.

Today as the children are working on their lessons, I am going to arrange my new bookcase space, and get the kitchen arranged to set up studio lighting.

Speaking of studio lighting...until I get my umbrellas and boom all set up (and light bulbs received from being ordered), I've been playing around with my tall living room lamp and some fun fur backdrops for my 365 self portrait challenge. You can read more about the story behind this photo HERE.


I've been working on my header for Jennography. Here are a couple of versions I came up with. A friend of mine from back home gave me design ideas too. So tell me which one you like for the header and help me decide. I've tried both of them in there and they work...right now I left #1 in, but haven't decided completely yet:

This one, Header #1...


Or this one, Header #2...


Well it's back to home-schooling full force today! The kids are just so thrilled about it!

We're singing the Back to Home-schooling Blues...


Have a Blessed Day!


Debra said...


I think I like #2 better. I'm so glad you got those things accomplished. We got a lot accomplished today too! Yay!

Blessings to you, sweet friend.

Jenn said...

Thank you Debra. Your talk the other day was so encouraging.

You will never believe what the children's Bible devotion today was on(I'll email you about it later)...God always knows exactly what we need!

So glad you had a productive day...I love those kinds of days!

Blessings to you dear sister, and your family.


I like #1. BTW, thanks for stopping by my bloggy and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

Jenn said...

Aw, Your welcome Domestic Diva! :) Thanks for stopping by my bloggy too! :-D