Friday, January 23, 2009

Fri Night Surgery Update

J is resting off and on. She is in a lot of pain and feels unsettled because she wants to sit up so badly. After she came out of surgery, she had trouble in recovery. We were supposed to have gone back with her, but she was agitated and they did not call us back to calm her. I was a little upset about that. Also, they sedated her even more than they should this is how she looked when I got to her.

Here is a heavily sedated Woogie!:

We were not happy campers about that! BUT personally I was SO happy to see her, and to see her vitals were doing alright. Her oxygen was a little low at the time, but now it is currently 95.

I stayed by her side all afternoon in the PICU. Then David's Mom and Aunt stayed with her late this evening while David and I got a shower and change of clothes.

When we returned, Jordan was very alert and doing well. Shortly after David's mom and Aunt left with brother, J began having a reaction. Her legs broke out like they do with her reaction to nickel. The thing is, she could have been exposed in several ways because some of the equipment used has little places of metal. Whereas they are aware of her nickel allergy, it is difficult to eliminate metal completely. So many metals have traces of it...even stainless steel.

What we are praying against is that the reaction is coming from the metal rods in her back. They are titanium and she should not be reacting to them. Yet, it is possible for her body to reject the rods and screws.

Please everyone PRAY HARD that her body will receive the titanium rods and screws!!! Right now she is running a fever of 102 and has welts on the insides of her legs...this usually indicates that she is reacting to metal, but it could mean many things.

The nurse put Benadryl in her IV, and I held cold packs on her legs. This seemed to calm down her skin a bit. The nurse also gave her Tylenol for her fever.

A moment ago we rolled her over a bit and put pillows underneath her right side. She was restless and her backside was itchy. One of her pads was wet and sticking to her, so I helped the nurse change those pads out.

She just got a dose of morphine and seems to be resting well for the moment. Oh, they also removed the oxygen this evening too. I know she is glad that thing is out of her nose! :)


We are praying that she will be doing well enough to be moved to a regular room tomorrow. The physical therapist will be coming in the morning to work with her. This should be good because she has been asking us about every hour, "Will you please sit me up?" Right now she can only lay with her upper body elevated at 30 degrees. :)

Sleep well my angel!


Angela said...

Praying that J's reactions will calm and that she will heal quickly.

We love you guys,

Jenn said...

Love you! Thank you for every prayer. Hope you are feeling well. Thinking of you and praying for you and Josiah.