Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visit with Family and Friends; Emotions for Woogie

So, we are back home in western NC visiting fam and friends one last time before the Woogie has her surgery.

Last night the children and I spent the night with my sister in law. We watched "Anne of Green Gables" sister in law and niece had never seen it and they LOVE it!! Also, my niece and I did our 365 project photo together.

Today we went to our home church. It was wonderful to see our Pastor, and to share moments with dear friends.

J and J had gone to church with my brother in law and sister in law to their church. So David and I had a little "mini date" drive to church alone. That was nice since we don't get time (just the two of us) much anymore. We don't mind though, we love being with our children. It was only a nice treat to have about 30 mins of one on one talking.

After church we went to the local country club for lunch. Then David and I went to visit some more friends...another Pastor and his dear wife. We served as youth directors under them for about a yr while David did his Pastoral Internship. We had a wonderful visit with them, and their sweet children. It is amazing how much our children grow in 2 years!!! We so enjoyed catching up.

Currently our son is out at the farm with his Dad, Uncles and cousins to play the card game "Hearts". It is like their "guy thing" they women aloud unless they are bringing finger sandwiches and leaving. lol! David really enjoys it though.

Woogie and I have been hanging out with Nana.

Woog did have her first crying spell over this whole surgery thing. I think it was long overdue for her. I've encouraged her to first trust God, but also to allow herself to work through her feelings about it all. It had to be in her own time. This does not mean that we don't have faith that God is healing her in His way, it is just that she did need the release of emotions. God created our emotions too, and I believe it is quite healthy for her to cry if needed. She is not one to stay down for very long. :)

I know her surgery date of Jan 23rd is approaching rapidly! Therefore we are cherishing every moment we have until then.

Thank you to those who have expressed thoughts and prayers. We do appreciate it so much. It means so much to us during uncertain times.


Jaime said...

Thanks for praying for my bloggy friend, Kelly. I will be praying for you and your daughter too. That is such a big thing to be facing for anyone, especially someone her age. Sweet girl!

Kalle said...

I'm keeping you and the family in my prayers. I'm so glad you had a chance to get back home and see the family before the big day.

Sheila said...

We are praying for Jordan. Please let her know that we missed her in youth Sunday!

Jenn said...

Jaime and Kalle, Thank you so much for your prayers.

Sheila, Jordan missed being with you all too. She is a little more anxious about her surgery today. Thank you for praying.