Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Daughter and Job; A Very Sweet Gesture

My daughter got a Bible from her Nana for Christmas. It is "The Message" translation, and she just loves how it todays language without losing the meaning of the scriptures.


What is so neat about the whole thing. J actually begins reading it all on her own...without telling anyone for a few days, she has been reading the book of JOB of all books! She must be feeling heavy about her upcoming surgery, and perhaps even trials that our family has been facing otherwise as well. It was so precious how she was encouraging me with the words she had read from Job.

It does a mom good to know one of your little ones is trusting in the Lord...even when times are tough.

On another sweet note!
This was a very special gift from my sister in law...

She sent me this photo frame with my favorite word on it...Believe! Also, she enclosed one of the Christmas photos that I had made up for her.

It was so flattering to receive this, and to know how happy she was with her Christmas cards...especially since they were made up so spur of the moment. ;) It was fun to have the opportunity to use one of my bokeh backgrounds that I photographed myself.

There were two different styles of Christmas cards that I made for her to use, and this was the fun one that she gave me.

I will cherish this: (1) Because it is a photo of my nieces and nephew; (2) It was the first original Christmas Card I've ever made. (3) It was also my sister-in-law's way of encouraging me in photography.


Andrea said...

How special to see your daughter WANT and desire to read her Bible!!

Jenn said...

Oh, I know...I am so thankful!!!

Now I pray that my son will also take the initiative as well. He does participate well when we have our Bible studies together, and often adds to our discussions. :)

Praying for God to keep all of our children in His care.

Thanks for stopping by Andrea.