Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Progress; An Unexplained Rash

Today the Woogie had a visit from Physical Therapy. They helped her learn how to be aware of her spine, and the different ways to properly move. Also....she surprised them all by sitting up for a few minutes (with a lot of assistance). She did not feel able to stand, but they were more than pleased with her sitting position. The therapist told her that she was the most graceful log rolling spine patient they have worked with in a long time! :)

A very serious, "I am in pain and lay me back down" look on her face. She was very brave and sat up for a few moments before laying back down. They were quite impressed and asked her if she could stand too. She did not feel that she was ready. What a brave woogie girl!

In sitting position...a good and progressive day. Now if we can solve her rash dilemma...we pray she is not rejecting the titanium rods!

So here is the bad news...she has an allergy rash going on. The same kind of rash she gets when exposed to nickel...welts in the insides of her legs that is hot/feverish with crazy itch! As well as on her back and under arms. She is going nuts with it. She actually ripped out her arterial IV line because she was scratching her back and got it caught in the sheets. What a mess too!

The nurse put a prescription dosage of Benadryl into her IV. It worked last night, but the rash got worse as the day went on, and by evening the Benadryl became useless. I ran to our apartment to get the cream that her allergist had prescribed, and it is helping. Also, they are using a strong anti-itch in her IV. Something I cannot even pronounce...haha!

The Doc seems to believe it is the morphine triggering her rash points. We can only hope and pray that it is the morphine and NOT a rejection of her rods. They have to manage her pain right now, but when they can take her off of the morphine, we will know better if it is medication induced rash, or rod rejection issues going on.

Thank you all for every prayer and for sharing your concern of J. We are so appreciative of every email, text message, phone call, and visit. We may not be returning all of your messages, but we are reading them. It is difficult to keep up with returning them all, and that is why I keep directing everyone to our blog for updates.

Also, Jordan loves having makes her day!

We hope to be out of the PICU tomorrow and into a regular room. Woog had to stay an extra day due to her lung problem. Oh, It was NOT pneumonia (this is what we thought we heard) was a deflated portion of her lower left lung. She is still coughing up greenish/yellowish sputum throughout the day. It seemed to be tapering off this evening tho, and she does not sound near as rattling when she breaths. She is also breathing normally, whereas before she was short and choppy with her breathing. She was breathing this way because she said it hurt in her back terribly even to take a normal good breath in. The breathing exercises have helped tremendously with this. Her oxygen levels have come back up, and she may be taken off of the oxygen tomorrow.

Currently the woog is resting well for the moment. Keep those prayers coming!


Wendy said...

She is such a brave sweet girl! Hoping the rash goes away quickly. Making me get sympathy itches just sitting!

Jennifer said...

I was away at a ladies retreat this weekend...praising God to come back to such great news from you! Praying for continued progress and for her rash to GO AWAY! :)

rebecca said...

Poor girl! It is bad enough going through all of this, but to be intensely itching as well is terrible.
She is in our prayers!

Kalle said...

I'm glad that it wasn't pneumonia. Hopefully her body accepts the rods. Sitting up already - Way to go Jordan!

Jenn said...

Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

We are so proud of her...she has hardly complained through this whole thing and has been such a good patient...always thankful and remembers every nurses name who is working on her. The nurses are all fighting to have her as their patient. :-D