Monday, January 26, 2009

Tired and Less Tolerating

A very tired and less tolerating woogie last night and this morning...


Last night was a hard night. We found a few things out this that could have made our lives a little easier tho.

First, they gave J a medication to help her to pass fluids out. Well, they did this knowing the catheter had been removed!!! It shouldn't have been according to her surgeon. J is not fully able to walk without a walker and assistance and had to pee quite frequently after that medicine.

David and I had to get her out of bed b/c we couldn't find a bed pan, and there was not time for her to wait. We almost hurt ourselves and her because we could not get the nurses in there and she was about to wet her bed. I got her to the commode, and in the process under her shoulder blade was hurt a bit. Now it is sore today. :( Once we got the bedpan, I learned how to roll her on it properly and have been the bedpan lady every since. :)

Throughout the night she became a little more whiney, which is not like her, and less patient with us and the nurses. She was still thankful in the end and very cooperative. It is just little things that she normally wasn't verbalizing, she began to do more verbalizing over. Rightly so...after being poked with a needle several times over b/c they could not find a vein...things like that were stressing her more than usual. She is just a little more short fused, and we are being so gentle with her about that because we can't imagine the pain she is going through.

Also, her back is in more pain and little by little the nurse has been decreasing the morphine. Today she is going to an oral pain med that hopefully will have a more lasting effect. The PCA pump just wouldn't hold off the pain for long.

Her rash seems to be much Thank You Lord for those answered prayers!

After much prayer, we decided to go forward with the blood transfusion. The nurse will start this shortly.

We tried to hold off to see if her own system would replenish the blood loss, but her hermaticrit numbers kept going down. Right now it is about 19 and it should be 40+. Since her blood is low, she is very very weak. Due to this weakness she does not feel like eating, and also physical therapy could not get her up for her walk this morning.

Even though it appears we are going backwards with her healing, we trust that God is healing her in ways we do not see. Today just may be her "bad day", and I know she will have some ups and downs in her healing.

Please keep those prayers coming!



Kalle said...

Hoping for just a bad day. She's shown such strength already, hopefully after a day of rest she will bounce back.

Prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery.

Jenn said...

Thank you Kalle, we remain hopeful!

Esthermay said...

Friend: Please know that we see each of your posts in the GoogleReader and lift this great need and precious one's life to the Throne.
May His Peace be yours today - tomorrow- always!

Sheila said...

Oh Jenn,
My heart hurts for you and for David as I know you want so much to take away Jordan's pain. Just know that our Wonderful Lord has Jordan's every need taken care of. We are praying constantly! We're really wanting to come see Jordan with some of the teens. Please let me know when you think she'll be up to it. They've been asking how she's doing and when they can come see her!