Thursday, October 2, 2008

Throwback Thursday

This is my first attempt at Throwback Thursday. :o)

Here are photos of my babes....when they were babies! :( Makes me a little sad to see how they have grown. Yet, they make me soooo smile too! :))))

So here they are...

First up is my two dc, shortly after my bubba Josh came home from the hospital. Jordan soooo loves her little brother Josh!


Here Jordan is being so cute in her high chair at about age 1 and 1/2 yrs...


And here is Josh about 9 mons hangin out in the laundry basket...hehe, what a chubby bubba!


My little pigtails girl at 2 yrs!

Jordan at 2 yrs

And one for fun (wonder if my niece or her mom will see this....) This was taken yrs ago when my sweet niece spent the night with us. We did makeovers for each other. So now you know that I only allow pics of myself with make up! ;)


I'm soooo proud of them and how they are growing up in the knowledge of the Lord!

Look how they have all grown!
From left to right...the same niece you see above with me doing makeovers is now 15, my daughter now 12, my nephew, 12 and my son 10 yrs...

Kaylen now age 15!,Jordan age 12,Josh age 10,our nephew William age 12


Andrea said...

CUTE pictures! It's amazing to see how much they have grown and changed, huh? :)

Wendy said...

GAH!! Look at her hair:) They are totally adorable!! I LOVE looking back at old photos and especially videos.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the curls (and the complete chubbiness!) Precious pics and memories.

Drea said...

cute! I enjoyed seeing the pics. they were cuties, still r

Stacey said...

That's so fun! I especially like the make overs :)

Angela said...

I love looking at old pics... but it makes me sad, too! Just this morning, I was goign through my son's 1st year scrapbook... and although he's only 4, it made me a little sad looking back knowing those little baby days are gone. But- I try to take it in stride. Each age comes with exciting adventures and blessings!

Jenn said... are so right. =) Each age is so special.

Occasionally I miss those chubby smooches tho...Like Jennifer said, "that complete chubbiness"...I love those sweet rolls! lol!

Thank you all for stopping by. It is a blessing to hear from each of you.