Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Love Letters

Question 52: What is the most important commitment one can make in their life?

My commitment to Christ is most important.

In the Bible Jesus speaks of loving Him first then loving others. When I am truly keeping Christ as the center, and truly "committed", I can better know how to truly be committed to others...husband, children, friends.

Being "committed" to Jesus is not the same as being saved. When we are saved, we invite Jesus into our hearts, and we admit we are a sinner and need Him in our lives.

I believe to be committed is something different, and is in addition to our salvation. Many are saved, but not all "commit" to serving Christ in their daily walk.

Salvation: a: deliverance from the power and effects of sin

Commitment: a: an agreement or pledge to do something in the future; b: something pledged

Dear Lord, You are my first love...and my first true commitment. I purposely choose this day to be used by You. Use me as You see fit to encourage, bless and love others. Every day that I awake, may I remember to say, "My life is not my own, it belongs to You Lord...use me in the way You choose to". My life was bought with the price of Your precious blood when you died for me on the cross, and for all mankind. May I never take this act of love for granted. I can never fully understand what pain You bore for me on the cross. What you endured was so brutal, yet was all out of love for me, and others who choose to believe. You are my first love!

Dear David, I pledged to you... committed to you 17 years ago. We have and continue to share many joys and tears. Some of the sweetest moments are when we are alone side by side...facing one another in our bed...and being real about our heart concerns together. My commitment has increased as we have grown closer to the Lord and closer to each other. Sometimes we thought we would never make it through some of these trials and pains, but we have, and we will by the power of Christ in us.

Do you remember the triangle we learned about in pre-marriage counseling? I still remember...

As we grow closer to God through Jesus Christ our Lord, we grow closer together.

I am reminded to put God first in my daily to serve Him, and study His Holy word fervently. As we each do this in our own personal quite times, we will only grow stronger and stronger in our commitment to each other. When we come together, it will be a beautiful Holy Spirit connection.

Jordan and Josh, you are my precious sweethearts.

Jordan, you are a true example of servanthood and so willing to always give of yourself and others without ever thinking twice about it. This is a true testament to your love to Jesus and your family.

Josh, you are a true compassionate heart. You see things that many of us miss. You want to know answers to those difficult questions...this will only strengthen you in your faith and knowledge of the Lord more and more.

God has great plans for you both. Always keep Jesus your first thought in every decision you make. Go to Him before you even come to us. We are here for you, but you will find that God will give you the truest love and answers, while we as your parents won't always get it right. Our love is earthly, and God's love is eternal and without conditions.
I am so proud of your commitment to Christ.

It is a daily choice to commit. I choose you Jesus. I choose you my dear husband....I choose you my darling children.

I love you.


Debra said...


This was simply beautiful! I loved reading it! And you are right...commitment is different and requires an effort on our part!

Hugs & blessings to you today, sweet sister!

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

That’s a precious post. The world of blogging has made journaling SO easy. Some posts just need to go in a scrapbook for our children to look at years from now. :-)

I like what you’re onto with the idea of commitment – there is an essential effort involved . . . but I much prefer the word “surrender” in the context of Salvation. The word commitment wasn’t even really part of our American English till around the 60’s… and then Billy Graham began using it so freely in the context of Savation.

“Commitment” involves ME – It makes me part of the equation: I have to make the committment -- work at staying/being committed...I, I, I. When we SURRENDER to Christ, we give that all up and the power goes to HIS side. We are nothing - HE is everything.

Being committed in marriage - different. THAT does require ME! Hard Work = Great Payoff!

Great thoughts. Great Pictures. Everyone looks so happy and so blessed!

Happy Weekend!