Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween or Harvest...

Heehee, this is Jordan, pretending to "trick or treat" at our house in her nurses costume. Josh did not dress up this year. :)

Treats Anyone???

We actually do not do the whole trick or treat thing. Our children understand that we celebrate Harvest, and not Halloween. (the ghost bag was an old navy gift from her nana) Jordan and Josh usually dress up as something not scary, and we take them to our local church fall festivals.

Any Candy Here???
Any Candy In Here?

Tonight the church we went to had so much going on. They had these blow up things for the kids to jump on. Cookie walks, and lots of games. Then they had a table set up for cakes and chili contest...campfire hotdogs, hay-rides and roasted marshmellows. :)

Inside the sanctuary the worship pastor had a little christian sing going on. Anyone who wanted to get up and sing a song, would do so. David and I so enjoyed hearing all of the singers, and then singing worship songs together. The worship pastor, Treva asked me to come up and sing with her. I did a (jenn) revised arrangement of "I Surrender All", and she accompanied me...she is very gifted on the keyboards and we both flowed together so well even though we had never practiced this at all together!

It was so much fun and such a blessing to have sweet fellowship with brothers and sister in Christ.

Hope everyone had a fun night with family.

Blessings, jenn

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