Monday, October 20, 2008

Where I Think and Create...Photography...Jordan

Where I Think and Create 1, originally uploaded by jennography.

Well Kalle, here it is! =) I'm finally getting this posted...sorry it took me so long.

This is my "work" station. Where I do my studying, creating, and learning.

Lately I've been studying up a bit more on photography. I've always loved photography. In the past I took photos for our church events, and if anyone needed some photos for special events. Recently have been asked to do a photo shoot for a worship leader who lives about 45 mins from our home. I'm pretty excited about it!

Her name is Treva Tankard, and she is a talented lady who could have been in NYC performing, but instead is choosing to serve the Lord completely with her giftings. Not only is she a tremendous worship leader and songwriter, but she soooo loves the Lord! I'm very much looking forward to our upcoming photo shoot.

Until we meet, I am studying and learning all I can!  

Where I Think and Create 2

I'm praying about doing photography part time to bring in a little extra income for our family. If so, I would like to specialize in black and white photography or sepia tones with hints of color. Also, with a lots of texture in the mix. I've always been more drawn to the b/w and sepia looks for some reason. Perhaps it is a bit of the nostalgic feel that those tones bring.

Fun with Friends 1

Right at this moment my thoughts are on our move. We are moving on Sat., Oct 25th. Most of our home is pretty well packed up, with the exception of some books, linens and the items we are still using.

David will be off from work tomorrow (he pulled an 8am to 8pm yesterday so he has this weekday off) Therefore we should be able to get most everything packed up, and keep out a few bare essentials to get us through the next couple of days.

Jordan woke up with a sore throat. =( So please keep her in your prayers, and that we will all stay well for this move. Jordan's appointment with the scoliosis specialist is on Oct 30th. We remain hopeful in Christ.


Kalle said...

Love your spot and your photos. I really like how your specializing in black & white and sephia tones. Can't wait to see your creations to come.

Hope Jordan is feeling better.

Jenn said...

Thank you Kalle! I'm excited about learning more about photography...its fun fun fun! =)