Sunday, October 5, 2008

Missing Our Friends...

I've been going through photos that I've taken in past yrs.

This is one that I took of our precious friends last yr.

The husband Ken, is a youth minister and worship leader in the youth band of our home church. Cindy is a beautiful help mate to Ken, friend and counselor to the youth and parents as well. An awesome ministry team!

Their two boys are so precious! The younger one is my son's true buddy. The older son is an exceptional youth, and both boys are musically gifted.

Last yr, they came from our hometown (5 hrs from here) to spend Thanksgiving with us. A wonderful christian family who is REAL, and has been through some major joys and pains with us. They walked beside David, our children and I, and still do love and support our family.

We miss them so much!!! Hopefully we will get to spend time with them if we are able to make it home for the holidays. I hope I hope!

Friends are such a blessing from the Lord. We should always cherish our friends, and let them know how much they mean to us.

Cindy Lu if you are reading this...I LOVE YOU SISTER! =) Give Ken and boys HUGS from us!

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