Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frost and Apartment Living or Roach Motel???...UGH!

We woke up to frost on our windshield! That is pretty cold for this time of yr in Eastern NC. BURR!

OK, we haven't lived in an apartment since David and I were first married. So, I guess I don't remember having a roach problem, or in Western NC we just don't see roaches all that much. If we did, they were very small. Here in Eastern NC, they remind me of the roaches we had in Florida...HUGE-I-MOUS!!! I cannot stress that enough!!!

Every day we've been in this apartment I've seen a new critter. So, can anyone offer suggestions on how to keep them at bay! They are spraying today, BUT from what I've been told by the landlord, they always come back. She claims that they come up through the drains by way of the sewer. The first one I saw was actually in our laundry room, so not sure where that fella came from! Is there anyone who has done this apartment living of dealing with roaches, who can offer advise on dealing with them? Thank you!

Despite this whole thing with the bugs, the apartment is really nice, and the people who live around us seem very nice too. Most of them work for the same hospital where David is doing his chaplain residency. It is a real blessing that we could get such a reasonably priced apartment, so close to where he is working (within walking distance).

Today we hope and pray to finish up our move out of our rental home. I can't believe this has been drawn out so long! Yet, only have a few boxes in our kitchen (give away items to take to the Salvation Army/Battered Women shelter) and a few items in the side part of our barn...such as our grill mainly. Then finish steam cleaning carpets and mopping. Last night I washed all the cabinets inside and out, washed walls in the kitchen, master and living rm...still have to do the kid's previous rms, the hall and mudd room 1/2 bathroom. Since we have had to pretty much do our own moving, we've had to take it in steps where we don't over do. I think my migraine day before yesterday was due to my upper neck going out...kinda over did it. Feeling much better today tho.

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your supportive thoughts and prayers for our family during the move. Also appreciate your prayers for Jordan. Her appointment with the scoliosis specialist is today at 1:15pm. Afterwards, we are heading to our previous home to hopefully finish up all the cleaning! I hope, I hope...

Have a beautiful day in the Lord.

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Debra said...


Thank you for stopping by and yes, I know what you mean about Florida roaches! Ha!

I will put a note in my Bible with your name on it .. to remember you in my early morning prayer time. I pray you are being strengthened in the Lord and begin to feel better.

Blessings to you in your new home.