Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was a pretty normal Monday. We began early with home-schooling. Josh was difficult to get out of bed this morning... I started to get the cold water to drip on his head...

Jordan kicks in as mommy #2, and that really aggravates him. I have to remind her to let ME be the mom! ( Jordan, if you are reading this...I do appreciate your mommy type help sooo often! You know how bro. needs some space sometimes though;)

This morning Josh said he might get up if I would come give him snuggles and kisses. So I did. hehe, smooch! I'm so glad he is still young enough to want some mommy snuggles! I love you Jordan and Josh!!!

We showed the house earlier today. Also, we were supposed to show at 7pm, but the family rescheduled for Sat. Our landlord is working feverishly to get new renters in here to take our place. I'm sure this must be so stressful to owners of rental properties...I'm sure they need that money coming in consistently too. So, we are wanting to be as helpful and cooperative for her to show as often as possible. That way, they can get new renters lined up right away. We are hoping to be out by Oct 25th. Lord willing. That way, the new renters can be in Nov 1st.

Today David got a great compliment that was given to his boss from a nurse on the PICU floor. It was for David's support of a family who lost their child. He is so gifted with compassion. I'm so happy that he is settling in well at the hospital, and also very proud of him too! It is a bit stressful somedays on him emotionally to serve in the PICU (he thought Hospice was difficult-it is..but this is even more emotional)...God is stretching Him and growing him further in service.

Hope everyone had a beautiful start to their week! The rest of this week will be more packing... :o)

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