Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Friday Friends; Big Top!

Today was a much lighter day that yesterday..."Joy Comes In The Morning" the Bible says...

Some of our dear friends, (parents and two children) came to visit with us. Also a precious lady from our church. She is such a wonderful counselor and prayer partner. This lady most often has a good word from the Lord to share.

We had such fun with lunching together, and visiting most of the afternoon. We cried together, and laughed together...mostly laughed and it was the best therapy ever! :o) Sometimes I like to just be silly and laugh and not be so serious all the time, or have some grande agenda. To just BE with friends is the best! Especially when I can get all giggly in the process. You know, act in ways that are just not socially acceptable...hehe!

The children were in and out, and playing so well together. They played the Wii sports, then made up games outside. We had a little drizzle of rain, but that didn't stop them!

After our friends left, Jordan and Josh decided to build a tent together.

Josh had a great time stretching the tent, and loading themselves up on the inside!
Josh Building a Tent

Jordan hanging out-My sweet girl that I love soooo!
Jordan in Tent

Their "Big Top" - I wonder if they read that Wendy's fam was going to the circus and got inspired???
Big Top!

My Little Buddy that I love so much!
Josh in Tent


Andrea said...

Building tents is SOOO fun! I remmeber me and my bro used to do that all the time...and it's so great too to see older kids who still think tent-building is fun...because it is!! :)

Jenn said...

My younger brother and I soooo enjoyed making tents and "birds nets" too. So much fun!

Debra said...

Something about tent building that just puts a smile on a child's face! Great pictures! Blessings to you this evening!