Saturday, October 25, 2008

Folks! What we have here... a BON-i-FIDE MESS! HA!

Do you ever find that blogging helps maintain your levels to keep you from going absolutely insane???? hehe...I do!

Here is a little snippet of our mess...

Bonified mess! can click here to see my flickr streaming and get a room by room of our mess...thought I'd share the wealth. ;)

Enjoy! And if anyone has good tips on making used of small spaces, I'd love to know. We have large furniture, which is not conducive for small rms. =)))) There has to be a better way to arrange.

We are going to use our small dining area as our home-school. We are going to use a card table when we have guests, and TV trays the rest of the time because we can stow them away. Also, we are going to set up our keyboard and digital drums in our lil' home-school rm too. (that is, after I clean up the boxes ;)

Jordan and Josh are sharing a small room. David and I wanted to give them the bigger rm to share, but our furniture would not fit into their room...not even our poster bed would fit!

J&J's rm

Any ideas for arrangement of living rm?

living rm tired bear


Wendy said...

I used to love the mess that came along with moving into a new place:) I know it sounds strange, but then once I had it all cleaned up it was awesome!!

3 for Me! said...

Hey!! Looks like you made it:) I was praying for your guys as we were on the road in the rain in the church van at 8AM!!

What a yucky morning to move in (in rained on us when we moved here)! But the house will come together and you'll give everything a spot:)

My husband is the KING of finding a place for stuff... in our small townhouse we had an extra bed under the couch, our "grandfather clock" still in box for later use in a corner with a pretty sheet used as a "table".... hmmm, what else.... ahh yes, the extra dresser in the closet... he's pretty creative.

We'll have to meet up with you guys when we come to town now:)

Jaime said...

Looks like I can comment. Yeah! So glad you guys got moved and what an adventure you've had with the sick kids. I hope everyone is better and that settling in goes smoothly!

Kalle said...

Happy to hear you're in! As for the mess...I'm sure you will find everything it's own place and it will be beautiful. If you do need ideas, check out the ikea website. Ikea has amazing space saver ideas. happy unpacking! :)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

HEY!! You've be tagged. Ü I can't wait to read your list. Don't you need one more thing to do while unpacking? LOL

Jenn said...

Kalle, I recently picked up a magazine and flipped thru it...there was some really neat ideas referenced with item from thanks for sharing that. They do have some really neat stuff, so I'll check out their website. =)