Saturday, November 1, 2008

Father/Son Bonding Time

The past weeks have been so busy for our family, that we've not made good quality time for each other lately.

David has been adjusting to his new Chaplain Residency schedule...and writing papers. Then our move has consumed us this past week. My days were spent cleaning out our previous house, and thankfully some friends of ours kept the children during that time...the mom even schooled them too! So they didn't completely miss out on schooling.

Needless to say, Josh and Jordan have really been missing their daddy. Josh especially craves the "active" time together. Jordan's time with dad is usually watching game shows, which they both love...and shows like fear factor or gladiators. =) These are shows I am not one bit interested in. =)

This morning felt sooo nice to sleep in and take a day of rest! We decided that we would not do ONE thing to our new apartment. We ran some errands, got a few necessities at the grocery, and currently sitting back with popcorn watching the FSU/GA Tech game. GO NOLES!

Before turning on the game, we came in from our errands and Josh asked dad to toss football. Josh had not been out back of our apartment since we have been here. When David opened the blinds to the french doors, and opened up the door, Josh got so excited! He did not expect to see green grass and a considerably large area for tossing football. I loved seeing his big smile and enthusiasm about it.

Dad/Son Bonding Time
Father/Son Time 1

Josh's Catch
Josh's catch

It is so special when father and son make time to share together one on one. It is so important, and Josh is so much happier when he has this time with his dad. Also, when he is active. An ADHD child needs an extra amount of activities that keep them moving. Sports is so good for this and helps with focus too.

Today is such a beautiful day to be outside. Hope you are enjoying your day with family.

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