Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Momma's Gotta Brag!

This evening I had the privilege of taking family photos for my friend Drea. In the coarse of the shoot, my daughter Jordan had my Kodak P850, and she took some candid photos as we worked.

Here is one that I love that Jordan took. My son Josh was over to the side (as you can tell b/c everyone else is looking at him) while he is singing and screaming to get the kids to laugh, it worked for Caleb, but the Burger wasn't fallin' for it...hehe...he was fixed on Jordan. So sweet!

Photo by Jordan's Inc
This photo had very little post crop, and only sharpened a bit and converted to b/w.

Photo by Jordan
This photo was cropped a bit to change the composition, and brighted as well as saturated.

Photo by Jordan's Inc
This photo had NO crop and just a tad sharpening

Photo by Jordan's Inc

Good Job Jordan! For 12 yrs old, you have quite an artistic eye! Love, Mom


Wendy said...

WOW! She did a really great job:)

Angela said...

Great Job Jordan!

I love the first family shot. Caleb's smile is awesome and Taite's frown makes the picture so cute :)